Your Best Shot Gallery: April 2016

Your Best Shot Gallery: April 2016

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The ”Eiffel Tower Upskirt” is a fruit of roughly six months of contemplation and planning during my one-year exchange in Paris. Being an architecture student and passionate amateur photographer, I kept wondering how to isolate the beauty of the Eiffel Tower’s structure without the distracting context. Apparently, my ideal long-awaited shot had been waiting up there all that time until I looked right up and found it.
Being a traditional photograpy lover, I used a fully manual film camera. For the maximum detail, sharpness and dynamic range, I used Fuji’s medium format rangefinder – the GW690III loaded with Kodak Tmax 100 film (black and white for better light-capturing capabilities and lack of color to entirely focus on the beautiful form and shading). With a fixed 90mm lens, I decided to take two shots one above the other and merge it in Photoshop to expand field of view, which also resulted in even more resolution. The entirety has been cropped into a perfect square highlighting a continuous element of the Tower’s structure along the borders making for a perfect natural frame of the image

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