Why is Nikon DSLR Camera Equipment so much better than Canon Equipment?

Why is Nikon DSLR Camera Equipment so much better than Canon Equipment?

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  1. Zzzzzzzzzzz o h c why

  2. super

  3. soso review not convinced about why the nikons are better if you say canon its better for video they are doing something great that the nikons dont and i personaly know people in bussines that shoot their nikons on the auto mode most of the time so what really makes the picture is the person behind the amera not the camera itself so for me canon nikon sony pentax are the same thing

  4. Why are you shouting, is it because Nikon mics are so poor on there cameras Lol.

  5. This guy has 20 000 subscribers?? O_o 
    But seriously this video helped push me a teeny tiny bit in favour of Canon for a brief moment before I slipped back to "undecided".

    Edit: Just saw his other vids and this is totally tongue in cheek 😀 I'm sure he's pissed in all his videos.

  6. Camera and lens are the tools, the photographer is the one to do the trick.
    A pro shooter could shoot a better picture with a Walmart barbi camera then you with your Nikon .
    Just because you are nothing more then a gearwhore!

  7. I think you are a fucking Idiot. Camreas are just a piece of equipment there is no Canon vs Nikon. its just depends on what is available at the time. i use both canon and Nikon in my shoots they they all are amazing cameras and lenses.

  8. I vote dislike, even that i'm a Nikon shooter. Good more brands do excist for all those different peoples. I can't shoot with Canon either, but this is because the camera and I are no match. But this doesn't mean to be negative over it. Canon do have his qualities, and there is at this moment only one reason I will not get a Canon, and this for his dynamic range. Do your research better in all cameras, and you will apreciated better other brands.

  9. did you drink last night come on  wake up Canon  is by far superior to Nikon see professionals sports shutters everybody goes with Canon your  reason are not good not enough spend time for nothing  for example  ask SCOTT Kelby why switch from Nikon to Canon bye bye bla bla….

  10. What an utter dickhead you are, you know absolutely jackshit about cameras. Both Canon and Nikon have good points and bad or are you not aware of that you idiot.

  11. I have both Canon and Nikon. They are both good and they each have their good points and bad points. Thank goodness we have both of them as they are top brands in this business. Now this guy is hilarious.

  12. This guy is an old idiot. First he says that more canon users use A or P mode, then he says its Nikon users, then he goes back to saying that canon users use "automatic" modes while Nikon users use "p" mode. P mode is an auto mode setting. Also Matt Granger never switched to Canon. He bought a 1Dx as a way to help canon users figure out their settings, but he ending up selling it soon after he bought it. He uses many different camera manufacturers. I love Canon and I Love Nikon, but this guy makes me want to throw his gear overboard and watch him shriek as it plummets away from his fat pudgy hands. 

  13. You can use canon film lenses on canon dslr's. ur so stupid and you've  clearly been drinking in this video. Ur so stupid.

  14. moron !

  15. What a biased tool

  16. Slow Lapse In Time

    I was a fan of Nikon until I listened to this dick

  17. My ears are still buzzzzzing

  18. I was about to switch over from canon to Nikon until I saw this 

  19. you are reallya Canon Guy

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