White Balance Techniques

White Balance Techniques

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  1. Interesting that my Canon 5D manual also suggests using an 18% gray card to set white balance. I've always use one of those to set exposure in challenging situations.

  2. Christopher Carrillo

    Can I use Gimp to edit like done in the video? Ive just been using jpeg since i dont have photoshop

  3. your background is gray

  4. Just shoot raw folks. There's already enough to think about at the shoot.

  5. Onlyonestinger Reef

    you just contradicted yourself, first off you say you do not agree with shooting RAW because of extra post editing, now you are telling us shoot raw to retain more color detail?? how about RAW + Jpeg

  6. "if you shoot b&w you don't have to worry about color temp." are yo sure?. Did ever notice that warm light is softer and blue light is sharper which b&w emulsion/sensor will absolutely notice!
    Also exposure is not exactly the same.

  7. I wish everyone provided information at this vocal speed or quicker.

  8. I have been struggling with learning how to do portrait fill flash outside in the cold Wisconsin winters. It looks like what is happening is that I am getting a blue hue from the ambient light along with yellow/green hue from the flash fill. The result is that my subjects look like multicolored zombies. How can you set a natural looking white balance when you have to deal with two different color temperatures lighting a face.

  9. I imagine RAW as the equivalent of a negative and a machine print as a jpeg. Difficult to fix a print, loss of quality when copying etc. Jpeg settings are baked in so any adjustments will cause quality loss, negatives can be corrected for colour balance errors (when printing) with filters much like RAW.

  10. Dallas has a museum? Amazing.

  11. this would really be helpful if he talks slowly for the non english speaking people like me

  12. hi. so once again question about RAW. does it matter AT ALL to set the white ballance right when shooting RAW? will my pictures have better collors ultimately if I set correct white ballance when shooting? or I can fix everything in PP? thx

  13. matthew Cardinal

    Good video, the main thing is to keep the snow white, or a wedding dress white, go buy topaz adjust and tweek the sunset seperatly.

  14. The Art of Photography

    You can use a grey card if you want to have something accurate to balance with.

  15. What about WB when you're shooting a landscape? How can u take pictures to represent the REAL colors you see them with your eyes? How can i replicate that colors on the camera? Thank u in advance.

  16. The Art of Photography

    If you're shooting RAW then no.

  17. Is there any difference in image quality between the white balance of camera and post-processing?

  18. Photojojo white balance lens cap, invaluable.

  19. I use a blue warm card for video to get more pleasant flesh tones, I made it small enough to be pocketable, very useful

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