Which Nikon FX Full Frame Camera should you buy and why: D4s, D810, D750, D610, Df

Which Nikon FX Full Frame Camera should you buy and why: D4s, D810, D750, D610, Df

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  1. Aubrey Migashkin

    Your videos make my life! Always so helpful!! ????

  2. Have this old F-801 and am thinking about getting a digital replacement, the only concern is if the old glass will fitt the new housing…

  3. Salvador Valenzuela

    For long term should I go D810 or D750 or 5Diii?

  4. I love how people bitch about a guy that's been offering FREE content to the public for years.

  5. knightrider3000

    d7100 better than d610 and similar to d750, but d750 focus points are all just cramped in the middle of the viewfinder. d7100 is spreadout

  6. D750 is now 1600$ gray market

  7. AGREE!! glass indeed is very important i smoke my weed in it ;)

  8. Thank you Jared. I've had my D 7000 for two years and I'm looking to make a move up. Since I'm an avid amateur who hopes/may attempt to make money down the road, sounds like the d750 is the way to go.

  9. Andrew Mitchison

    Hi Jared, love the video. By adding a grip to the D810 how many more frames per second do you get? Thanks

  10. hey jared polin great video. I have a question for you on nikon d4s can you take a photo while video taping??

  11. I keep getting distracted b the traffic light. other than that, Great video!

  12. I rather buy a use D700 or a D3, this guy only cares about the new stuff.

  13. Hi Jarod Polin
    Just read comments on photography life  (D610 vs D750 ) with people whinging that the D750 only has a max shutter speed of 1/4000 and 1/1200 flash sync and it should have 1/8000 max shutter speed whats your opinion on this ?
    Also I shoot equestrian photos at events ( show jumping and cross country ) and I am thinking of upgrading from my D7000 . Cant decide on the 610 or 750 , whats your opinion ?

  14. Even if he was reading a teleprompter (which he clearly isn't) who gives a flying fuck?

  15. D810❤️

  16. Jared, gotta be honest man I can't grasp the price hike in the D4? It just seems a little silly to pay that extra money for a system that you can really just get in 810. Another 4K for FPS? AF Points? Same sensor size of course, less pixels, not as good in low light as the 810.. I don't know. Someone feel free to explain the price hike to me, but Nikon seems a bit mental for it

  17. The D610 rumors are that the camera has oil leaks issues just like the D600. I wouldn't take a chance on that camera. The actual price on the D750 is $1999 at Adorama and B&H video photo. At grey market value, it is $1599. Peace, Flood!

  18. i am curious fro, what is your favorite camera? no wishy washy answer either please about the right camera for the right job.

  19. Hello! After watching this video i was inspired on upgrading to a full frame camera. I searched all over the internet for the best deals and i found a d610 for $1500 USD and a d750 for same price. It was weird and cutting the story really short is should I buy a grey market item or the USA nikon? Please if anyone knows about grey markets or anything please give me some feed back on what my next steps on buying my full frame camera.

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