Which Canon DSLR Should You Buy: 1D X, 5D Mark III, 6D, 7D Mark II

Which Canon DSLR Should You Buy: 1D X, 5D Mark III, 6D, 7D Mark II

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  1. When do you think canon will upgrade this line up? I want to buy one, should i wait? @jaredpolin

  2. PLEASE turn the stoplight off while your recording it's so distracting!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am in the market to buy DSLR and this review give me really good info. thanks now I go and check out #JaredPolin  Nikon line review!!!! awesome reviews thanks

  4. Exclusive Motivation

    So which is the best?

  5. And now you can get the 1dx for 4,600$ in bh photo :)

  6. Christian Stausholm

    My favorite camera would definitely be the Canon 7D Mark II combined with a Canon 6D! 10 fps rapid fire, 65 focus points, high ISO and some full-frame goodness. :)

  7. Hey !

    jared i liked your videos can you please help me out with canon 5dsr or 1dx m confused between these both the cameras which one you would prefer  ???


  8. Selling my canon for $300 I regret buying it for $500. I want to up grade! 


  9. Your review is terrible – 6d is one of canons leading cameras – even over the 5d and ties with the 1dx

  10. it's the summer of 2015 and no news for any new 6d mark 2 or follow up to the 70d… any updates on that front ?

  11. Night Guy Konoha

    this is retarded what kind of idiot will buy a camera 3000 usd lol i can make better photos using photo program to clear noise etc with only a sony cam 100 usd xD 15 mega pixels and you buy 5 pixels more for 1500 fuck no this is funny xD

  12. they make bigger sized shirts

  13. I noticed you didn't mention anything about shooting astrophotography, what camera would you recommend for that? I'm on the fence between the 5d miii and the 7d mii, but I've read and seen videos saying that when you crop a photo from the 5d miii you lose quality in the center of the image, but since it's full frame more light gets in. Which camera is better for OVERALL shooting; Landscapes, portraits, astrophotography, sports?

  14. What would be a good camera to shoot cars with ? any help would be appreciated. thanks.

  15. Hiiii sir …i am big fan of urs… I want to buy a camera but i dnt no which one is gud for me my budget is £350 ….i want to click pic like other professional photographer click like models pic potrait plzzzzz suggest me which cam is best …

  16. what does the froooooonnnnooooo foootoooo stands for?

  17. OK  first off all the videos are quite good.  very good.  I am interested in getting a canon but ran into some onliners who are seling "imports" or grey market cameras which some say are the same camera but just bought direct from the country of manufacture.  Here's the sticky part.  I have been told that say the 5dm3 has a US model made in Japan and an import made in Malaysia.  But Canon insists that there is no Malaysian version.  You gotta know the answer.

  18. Jeez, Jared's videos really attract the idiots in the comments section.

  19. What about the 1D C?

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