What Canon DSLR To Get For Videography 2016

What Canon DSLR To Get For Videography 2016

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  1. "grab a pack of popcorn" lol

  2. Good comparison!

  3. I really appreciate the video man and the large range of cameras you covered. Lmao @ "this camera sucks very hard for video" lol Thanks again!

  4. The answer is: none of them. Buy a Sony.

  5. Canon 100d has Magic Lantern

  6. very useful…thx

  7. i decided to buy 750d, a great camera for a beginner videography and photography and also can be used as a vlogging camera. i called 'a versatile camera' :v

  8. Dina Songwriter

    Surpised, you haven't talk about the 550d …

  9. canon 5d mark ii doesn't have headphone jack

  10. Thanks for putting in the hard work to make such a helpful video. Subscribed:)

  11. Gabriel Evaristo

    forgot the 1dc

  12. Socrates Nicolaou

    How about the 80D? I think it's the best of the canon line up for video (considering the price)

  13. Hi. I just discovered your channel a few days ago. thanks. Keep up the good work.

  14. just get a m lmao

  15. Meilinda Hokini

    why sometimes the types it's written EOS 700D, sometimes EOS reber T5i in fact they're same. is it makes others differences?

  16. Excellent and well organised review. Thank you.

  17. Alen Čpajaković

    Maybe Canon 80D is ideal for videos :)

  18. no EOS M?

  19. Thanks for the vid!!!

  20. Thanks for making this video. My old Canon HV20 will cost $300 to repair. I'm having to learn a lot about digital camcorders in a hurry. I'm on a tight budget and time frame. I have to determine whether to repair it or not. I'll be checking out your other videos as well.

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