What Camera Kit You Get For $1000

What Camera Kit You Get For $1000


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  1. this whole channel is basically chinese linus camera tips

  2. Got a Canon T6i "refurbished" (Called and they said refurbished meant returns that were inspected) for $650 with the kit lens and the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 zoom lens, was a pretty sweet deal. Really wish I could get the Canon f/1.4 for $350 tho, I yearn for refined bokeh.

  3. Get a small DSLR with a good quality prime lens!


  5. Heisengame (canale chiuso)

    nikon d7100

  6. my uncle said on our vacation: I only need a light camera hence I got the 5Dmk iii

  7. I got a Sony a6000 with the 16-50mm ki lens for less than 600$. It is a sensible choice indeed

  8. Can anyone tell me if there is any camcorder without digital zoom?

  9. Jennifer Dionne

    I enjoyed this !

  10. Eden Jay Collins

    I miss thease days of digital rev

  11. Should I get the Panasonic gm5

  12. awesome!!!! freedom!!!! !

  13. Move_I_Got_This

    I got a Sony a6300, kit lens, camera bag and extra battery for 1000$ 😌

  14. My Lumix G7 and the Pana 25mm f1.7.

  15. Pentax!

  16. Can you do 1000 Canadian dollars?

  17. "Who needs that, just use the phone!" Quite true, I have seen pictures on the web that I was quite surprised to find out that it was shot with an IPhone or an android phone, the quality is getting better, and good enough for posting on Facebook. So for $1000 I just might spring up for the latest phone with best camera? and maybe spend the rest on used prime for my "real camera"

  18. Nikon D5500

  19. Marco Mark Productions

    canon 700 + 30mm sigma 1.4

  20. These reviews are not that great. You guys need that MKBHD reviewing style.

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