Webinar: Basic Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture

Webinar: Basic Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture

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  1. the way you explain your techniques is very on point, thank you.

  2. oh wow another beginners guide so exciting there are only 2 million of these already,

  3. Height… Not heighth

  4. what abt if i use 2 lights only??for studio???

  5. Thanks for sharing knowledge!

  6. How do I record something that I'm showing in my hands, like unboxing cards or something ?

  7. Great refresher. As he says 'not definitive but building blocks'. I'm more than confident in the studio but still appreciate videos like these.
    So would all the clever ones who feel they have to search for a problem or make a personal comment realise they just appear stupid.

  8. The video itself is out of focus.

  9. Watch 27:03 and tell me you don't crack up. Great video by the way, I've been writing down notes the entire time and plan on knowing all these like the back of my hand and hopefully their variations. Thanks!

  10. Great video, thanks. But did I just hear you call her a "dirty blond"? :)

  11. i am confused that, from where the flash is flashing?

  12. The Lazy Toaster

    Great video; probably one of the more thorough and straightforward videos, of the ones I've seen at least. Thanks for this.

  13. What lens is he using to shoot her with?

  14. Great webinar, very informational, but the video is out of focus and gave me a slight headache watching

  15. Heriberto Rodríguez

    fuera de foco

  16. I like the way you explain things, and you treat your model within curtesy which is rare on YouTube. I agree there are issues with the focusing and the screen captures, but your simple and direct approach more than makes up for it. Thank you

  17. Grant Cannon, that is not a flash on the camera, it's the radio transmitter to trigger the strobes.

  18. Excellent!

  19. Why are you using on-camera flash with all the lighting you already have?

  20. Man, what is wrong with the colors in your photos?? Poor girl, she is 100 times prettier in the video than on your photos! Did not you notice her skin colour on your photos are bloody red…? While in real life her skin is beautiful.

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