Watch a Camera Take a Hit From a Flying Cricket Ball

Watch a Camera Take a Hit From a Flying Cricket Ball

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I never knew I had so many friends that are into cricket, but no fewer than three people have sent me the above clip on this fine Monday morning. The video shows a segment from a cricket match between England and Sri Lanka. A ball is hit and goes speeding toward the photo pit where one unlucky photographer’s camera gets whacked. At one point, a commentator quips that the camera gear that gets hit is worth $10,000, and he’s probably actually pretty close. That looks to me like a Nikon 500mm f/4G ED ($7,000-$8,000) coupled with a D810 ($2,800).

Watching stuff like this does little more than sate our hunger for wanton destruction of gear we didn’t have to purchase, but it’s also a nice reminder of how tough sports photography gigs really are. It’s more than just great photos at stake when you’re out there.

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