Use your Canon DSLR as a Webcam with OBS!

Use your Canon DSLR as a Webcam with OBS!

- in CANON


  1. VladGaming RO03

    how can i do this on another type of camera , idk like panasonic or something

  2. This question may have already been asked in a different fashion but, will this work with my Sony 4k Camera? It's not a DSLR camera, it's a handycam.

  3. Why my live view window look so lag? It seems like fps low,but I set 60fps 1280*720 in my camera,and camera's live view is okay. Can you help me? My camera is Canon 700D! Tkx u!

  4. What I am looking at is how to make it be full-screen 1080p and will also let me add small videos like trailers in a smaller video

  5. Tek Overclocked

    that was a cool trick man 🙂 awesome! ima hook up my D5300

  6. Please can you help me with it, i just got Canon SX710HS but CD software didn't come up with it how can i I connect my Canon camera to my Chrome laptop, Please if you could give me some feed back i would be so happy 🙁 ,

  7. Can I use this with skype?

  8. I don't see an option for sub region recording. Halp!!!

    Using windows 10 64bit with intergrated gpu.

  9. GENIUS!

  10. Hello! How do you manage audio/video lag and particularly when gaming. Using my webcam I can set the delay but with this what do you do? Thank you and great video

  11. hey dude nice vid, is there anyway i can do this on mac

  12. D.Jamarbhsamurai

    Thank you for the dslr/obs tip. One day I'll get my art stream going

  13. +Strictly Nerd Theres a better way. Install Capture One (which install a capture driver). Connect your Canon (60D) on USB to your pc which also runs OBS. In OBS go to capture device, and select the Capture One device and voila you stream directly from your cam into OBS. No messing around with Window capture in OBS.

    Your tethering your camera to OBS through Capture One driver, and no Focus Brackets. Just a clear video.

  14. Can't find the EOS utility for my Canon 1200D .. please help..


  16. THANK. YOU. SO MUCH! <3

  17. Vera Peneda (Weura's Geekiness)

    Hey I just got my camera today (70D as well) when you say to plug it to the computer you mean with the hdmi cable?

  18. For some reason my live view is laggy. Is there a way to resolve that? I'm using the usb plug in on the T6i.

  19. Very handy! Thanks for this!

  20. How to change the battery during live streaming? Do you just go offline, to change the batteries?
    Or how do you keep it alive for long?

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