Understanding DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras

Understanding DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras

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  1. memyselfandi83g

    Panasonic mirrorless are killing Sony! Much better value also.

  2. opjoipopikopp[pl[p[

    I remember cell phones started out big, then they made the small just because they could. They got so small that they were not practical to use -you easily fat finger the keys. Later they started to make cell phones bigger and bigger! Same will happen in the camera world. These Sony mirrorless are too small to be user friendly. They are useless!

  3. I've been considering buying a mirrorless for some time now, but I'm still not sure if it's the way to go for me.I'm concerned that a smaller camera is going to be too small for my big hands, and it's just going to look stupid on a big lens.I've no doubt that they produce great images but I still like to feel something a bit chunky in my hands, not a fiddley little thing with tiny buttons.Still not sure!

  4. Casey Neistat would watch this stuff.

  5. Nathan Zaremskiy

    Sony! Why did you give up on the A Mount line! The E mount's are too small for my liking, The A mount systems were right for me, but seems like you gave up, No new lenses, No new bodies, Nothing, Switched to Nikon a couple months ago, It was nice using Sony but i needed a reliable company.

  6. I love Sony marketing.. Great cameras for shooting kid in the park..

  7. lol, he said better than DSLR autofocus performance.

  8. When you make a commercial that looks like a youtube review, or try on purpose to confuse people that don't know better, it does not make me want to buy Sony. It actually has the opposite effect. This whole video is very misleading, I really hope most people are smart enough to see past this propaganda.

  9. Not a subjective unbiased review at all. A very poor and pro Sony muscle pump that highlights the so called pro's and conveniently avoids the con's.

  10. The problem with Sony Mirrorless is they still use big lenses like DSLR, so its no portability factor like in M43 system. Plus M43 have one of the best lenses in all systems available including epic but expensive Leica.

  11. Dimitris Kitkat

    2:45 that sounded soooo wrong!!!

  12. +It's Zero Hour, I have the original Sony A7S with the vertical grip, that holds two W series batteries. So, as soon as I got this, once the battery in slot 01 is drained, the camera will complain about a low battery condition, even if the battery in slot two is fully charged. For some reason, the only way that it saw two batteries, is if both had better than a 30% charge. I spent more time swapping batteries 01 & 02 around, just so I could continue using it. Additionally, slow write speeds from the image processor to the SD card, small write buffer when shooting raw, ridiculous "pay for" photo effects that Adobe Photo Shop already offers, etc.

  13. I like the A7r2 but when canon lenses are used with the adapter you loose the ability to shift focus points!! this is a deal breaker. 😑

  14. I interpenetrated most features of a mirrorless camera as a con. I'm getting into photography and I don't want some puny little camera. I'm getting a DSLR.

  15. TotesTheGoats !

    But I like how you can quickly change the settings on manual on canon cuz on the Sony you haft to do it on the screen and it's a little slower

  16. lol talks about size and how they are easy to pack and the one he has on his hand is bigger than the dslr hahahahahahah

  17. (Mirrorless): "…can produce next-generation quality images." Ummm, cough, cough, bullshit, cough.

  18. I wonder if this is actually an advert… hmmmm

  19. Did he just say better than DSLR autofocus performance???

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