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  1. Kenrick Bernard

    i like you photographer

  2. nice tips , but i have a little bit confusion about lenses because its going to be my 1st buying of fixed focal length lens sooner so which you prefer i have seen lots of reviews on 35mm1.8, 50mm1.8, 85mm1.8 and tokina 100mm f2.8 … which one is best and versatile lens for my nikon D5500?

  3. Awesome photography skills. i hope you can put the direct links of the video you suggest, it will be easy to go and watch

  4. Can we just agree that Jessica is sooo pretty. She could be a module 😍😍

  5. Jessica, these tips were incredibly helpful!!! Thank you so much!!! You are one of my favorite Youtubers because your videos are straight to the point and so helpful, and also you are HILARIOUS!😂😘 Just a random question: how tall are you? I'm 4'11"! 😄

  6. Tomáš Čermák

    Jessica! Very nice tips :)

  7. Hi Jessica, do you use filters on your cameras lenses?

  8. Bogdana Yakovenko

    Jessica I love you 🙂

    You always inspire me so much and motivate to keep going!
    Good luck to you with everything girl!

  9. Where can i see the full video?

  10. Great video as usual Jessica. Just one question, wanted to know if you use the central point to focus and recompose your shots or just select other focus points as needed. I see many pro's focusing and recomposing, but at wide apertures and close up (which I use in portrait photography) you may get the eyes too soft or totally out of focus.

  11. thank you for the tips

  12. Full video🙋

  13. Jessica please check out my facebook page,What do you think of my photos ? 😀

  14. Thanks for tips! Sometime when I am at work as photographer, I forgot about few tips like level the model. Don't listen to negative things. This is great for beginner or even professional because your tip is really that simple job to do.

  15. Brandon Everett

    so im very new to this scene, but im quickly finding out that if you invest in a very nice setup its nearly impossible to take bad photos. i bought a top of the line sony setup with all primes and literally every photo i take is amazing. i feel like technology has made photography too easy

  16. Hi Jessica. If I may add one additional item? You mentioned focusing on the eyes. I would suggest you say focus on the leading "front" eye. This is especially true when shooting at wide apertures like you often do. Thanks

  17. Eccentric Smithy

    I would like to see top 9 portrait photography tips and tricks that 15,000 other photographers haven't already repeated 10k times on youtube already. You preached in one of your older videos that you should be different and to stand out from others, yet you putting out the same stuff as others….

  18. Madelynpphotography

    Thanks for the tips. Can you make a video showing your camera settings and how you post your vertical picture from light room and photoshop .. Thanks

  19. Obrigado pelas belas dicas 😍😍😍

  20. Thanks for the tips!!! I love your channel so much!!! 😊😄😍

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