Tips and Techniques for Creating Memorable Landscape Photographs with Michael Melford

Tips and Techniques for Creating Memorable Landscape Photographs with Michael Melford

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  1. "Death Valley is a great place to go." – Michael Melford

  2. Greta Kindermann

    He is my favorite photographer too!!!(am  a bit prejudiced, he is my brother)

  3. This is a man who loves his work and loves nature. It shows in his glorious photos. Love all his presentations.

  4. Ana Maria Mendez

    Lovely 🙂 thank you very much por posting this.

  5. Thanks B&H for making these kind of talks available online. Many of us can't travel to NY so our only chance to improve our photography is through your YouTube site. Mr. Melford was just wonderful to hear and learn from. I picked up a lot of useful information, so thanks a lot.

  6. Niraj kant Sinha

    thanks B & H
    for having Michael great talk :)

  7. An extremely gifted photographer with a great sense of humour. So much fun viewing and listening to him.

  8. Thanks!!

  9. Thank you so much!

  10. How can he be so funny, professional, and still have amazing images? There are so many professional photographers out there that I wouldn't want to have their images hang in my house, but this photographer really have the eyes! You're a package full of greatness, sir Michael Melford! Thank you B and H for these series of free videos that inspires and teaches us. More power! Cheers from the Philippines! ~

  11. Thank you B&H! I always enjoy Michael Melford's talks. One of my favorite photographers.

  12. Watching for more than 20 minutes and still waiting for the first tip or technique.
    It's more a speech how good he is and storytelling about his adventures.
    A waste of time for watching.

  13. Guter Vortrag, witzig und lehrreich.

  14. Using Photoshop is like lying. Some photographers lie a lot and other photographers lie a little. Great Photographers don’t lie at all.
    Thanks for posting.

  15. how did u he pull off a 40 minute exposure with the stars???? damn i'm definitely trying that next. low ISO!

  16. Heidi Anne Morris

    Excellent and inspiring Thank you Michael 🙂

  17. This first Ansel Adams moon photo is a really bad snapshot…

  18. I enjoy every presentation by Michael Melford……..this one was no exception.

  19. Jake “Barefoot Jake” Morrison


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