The Worst Lens In The World? Olympus 15mm f/8 Bodycap Lens

The Worst Lens In The World? Olympus 15mm f/8 Bodycap Lens



  1. wow! kinder eggs are sold in hong kong? 😀 small world!

  2. Sorta like pin hole photography

  3. Gert van Immerzeel

    Seems like you have the ability to make anything look good

  4. All these photos are amazing. Are any art filters being used or is any certain editing being done ?

  5. Арсений Ворфоломеев

    On which camera u shoot this video? Thanx!

  6. I'm sure with enough practice you can flip lens pretty fast. I know I can flip lenses for about 20 second for 1 tele for another tele. The strangely super long lenses takes time though.

  7. He makes the most mundane interesting!

  8. You really can't complain, what other body cap takes decent photos!?

  9. What city is this filmed in? Thanks

  10. For the same amount of money I bought the nikon 50mm f/1.8 e series which is not as thin as the olympus but definetely gives better results and can be used as bodycap as well.

  11. olympus should include this "lens cap" in their kit ~ I mean, why not~ XD

  12. I think it is what we can expect from a body cap. Plus one, it is a lens too. So it is exactly one level higher than a body cap. It is able to capture light while a real body cap isn't designed for that. There isn't much to moan about, you get what you pay for.

  13. Dietrich Tagarino

    Friggin' love using this lens on my E-P3! great for getting artsy, even without the bulit-in art filters.

  14. I know someone who has an Olympus camera that turns on then you slide the lens cover.  Well, normally that would turn it on but there is a common defect in those cameras and it is as if it was dead.  We got a new battery and that didn't help but at that time we did not know about the defect and assumed the battery was dead.  It is not that great a camera anyhow.  It is not so great by todays standards.  The resolution of it was just 3 MP or something close to it.  Now that I know that the camera was just badly made, I am glad that it is not mine and I did not spend my money on that thing.  Someone gave it to me to see if I could get it to work again.  I hope he did not pay full price and in fact I hope he got it for next to nothing on sale.  Anyhow, I still have a perfectly good battery for it along with the original and I know they are both good but it is just a shame that it does not fit in anything else.

  15. Robert Evangelista

    it is the best Body cap!

  16. I would not call it the worst lens in the world but I would say it is one of the simplest and compact.  I'd say it the images it produces on my OMD EM1 are just as good as the camera on my my Galaxy S4 which is really good.  Hey, for $50 you put it on your camera and produce an image like this:

  17. The sharpest, fastest, cheapest and lightest body cap in the world…

  18. Nigel Richards (NigelR)

    I use the 9mm fisheye version Olympus of this lens and find it excellent, much better than I could have hoped for considering the price and size and construction.

  19. Still better than the 0.3mp camers on old POS phones

  20. I love jackfruit. 2:40

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