The TinyMOS Is a Small Camera Built For Astro Photography

The TinyMOS Is a Small Camera Built For Astro Photography

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We write about a lot of gear that’s in the Kickstarter (or more broadly, the crowdfunding) stage, but the TinyMOS is even younger than that. This relatively minuscule camera is built specifically to simplify the often-complicated process of capturing astrophotography.

The camera was developed by students at the National University of Singapore, who plan to try and take the product into actual production in the next year.

The camera itself is in prototype stage, which makes it little more than an aluminum box with camera guts inside and a small lens attached to the front. The photography features, however, are geared specifically for taking photos of the night sky. There are even modest designed to help shooters capture things like the Milky Way galaxy and the auroras.

The system has interchangeable lenses, so its uses go beyond the function of an astrophotography camera, but the astro features really are what make it stand out. It even has integrated time-lapse modes.

So far, the images from the prototype look pretty great, especially when you consider all of the horrible #SuperBloodMoon photos that were shot with smartphones this week.

You can sign up on the camera’s website to be notified when it goes into crowd-funding mode. But, if the price is right and the technology keeps advancing, this could be a great purchase for someone who lives in a place where light pollution doesn’t drown out the stars every night.

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