The Sony A99 Full Frame DSLR

The Sony A99 Full Frame DSLR

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  1. it's pretty unnerving the dork on the right keeps laughing apropos of nothing. the sony guy has to talk through it.

  2. Hi rob , thank you for share us this video.

    Please do a video for us , how to set up camera flash that to set in high speed sync as above 250 /second and higher . Thank you

    I try so many way to do high speed sync the other day during shooting but never got it !

    Sincerely Shawn 

  3. Phillip van Eeden

    I just bought my cam today, with a few prime lenses, now sony needs to get a wate proof cover for the scuba diving, well I do hope it will deliver. But can we please gen an indept review with good accesories such as the compatibilities with the hot shoe

  4. @JogBird the lens with the hood is the 85mm and the one on the a99 with the grip is the 50mm

  5. I wish you guys held that shutter button longer so I can get an idea of the buffer.

  6. Hey Julian, I can't speak on behalf of Sony, but I understand your frustration with the hotshoe having been changed. I believe part of the reason they've done this is to bring the standardized mount for most hotshoe flashes to the Alpha lineup. This also serves as a great advantage for those using wireless trigger systems, without having to purchase an adapter.

  7. TrilliumRhythmic

    I'm happy owner of a700 and a77 didn't impress me at all, and i skeep this as upgrade, will be Henry's giving a99 for rent to test, I shoot sports, at most is Rhythmic Gymnastics.

  8. I hope this camera is a lot better than the A77 for hight ISO. The A77 sucks in that respect.

  9. Julian, did you purchase it at Henry's or was it purchased elsewhere?

  10. a77 12fps better for sport and wild life, but this is full frame.

  11. Ellipsis Quantum

    Look So cool :D~

  12. what is that lens mounted on the a99 on the table.. 85/1.4??

  13. *High Five*

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