The Panasonic AG-AF100 Video: Camera Cinemized by Zacuto

The Panasonic AG-AF100 Video: Camera Cinemized by Zacuto



  1. Does anyone know if the next AG/AF will have 4K? REALLY would like the have the image characteristics of the AG/AF in 4K.

  2. The AF100 makes the prettiest picture of mid price range cameras. I don't care how many people tell me the 5D3 does, or the RS100 does. No, the AF100 does. I know, I know, low light, I got it.

  3. @depelated
    Plus, I'll come out and say this, but I work at Zacuto and still wouldn't buy their stuff. However, I do hope to get their stuff in the future when I have more money.

  4. @girotube
    It's expensive, yes. It may seem like these rigs are overpriced but they are the best for their flexibility and repeatability. For Digital Cinema, these are standard because they work well and don't break down on you as often. Plus, this equipment is really part of your marketing as a media specialist. People won't pay you large sums of money for commercial work if you using cheap DIY stuff (which I use at this point btw).


    Customer Reviews:

    "I love love love this camera. It shoots low light so well at 3200 ISO. I have 4 lenses I use. 3 Nikons and the 14-140mm Lumix that came with it (only through specific dealers). The fact that you can use any lens just by snapping on the correct adapter makes this camera a beast. I have heard refered to as the "SLR Killer" I have a …"
    For more details please copy the Amazon link below in your browser:

  6. Terminator weapon

  7. Salvador Peláez

    Its a very ugly little camera but can't wait to have it. my AG-HMC150 is very angry at me lol… been waiting for this camera for a long time.. About time Panasonic.. All I need is the body.

    PS: Zacuto chill with those high price tags for those metal bars and clamps rigs. C'om.. its aluminum. Is it silver plated? $300 to hold an iPod?? whoa!!

    Most of us DONT work for hollywood. Some of your rigs are more expensive than the camera itselfe..

    take care.

  8. The camera has a sweet spot of about 8 to 20 ft. Anything closer is unusable (hard on the eyes) and anything further begins to look flat (2D) and might actually become "ganked". That's when two backgrounds (behind the subject) are different due to the covergence trajectory and when merged in post – don't match. This causes eye-strain. Also the lenses not what you get with single lens systems or cimena lenses. Other than that – it's a nice camera and a useful tool for 3D filming.

  9. Texas Media Systems

    Check out the Kipon EOS to MFT adapter with built in aperture control on the Panasonic AG-AF100 with the Canon 50mm F1.8 lens. The adapter has no electronics so it has no auto focus.

  10. is this camera has Zoom control? does anybody know it???

  11. It would be nice to see video from this camera with these rigs and the less expensive 'Target Shooter' rig.

  12. We still are creating a package (camera) to be fit with another package (rig, mounts, lcd, viewfinders). What's happen to plain old camera – one pack for everything?

  13. Its not much more the a fully rigged dslr, if at all. If your shooting on a 5d or 7d you need at least a monitor, rail set up, matt box, and ND filters, not to mention external audio recording. This rig here has a matt box too, however I don't think its completely necessary unless your looking to use specific filtration because it has 3 ND filters built in. Not that I have the cash for it, but i think its a really good deal for what your getting.

  14. cool, but shoulder mount looks very… big. lol

  15. @DPalma44 i think that's a zacuto mount, it's big because of the counterbalance on it opposite the cam body

  16. The shoulder mount looks uncomfortable. I wish the manufacturers would just add a dummy camera body and stuff the back end with lead to give us our old, well-balanced shoulder mount cameras back.

  17. Was the video also shot with the AF 100?

  18. very cool

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