The Lumix G6 Challenge – Lumix G vs DSLR – Closer

The Lumix G6 Challenge – Lumix G vs DSLR – Closer



  1. For these action shots he has his camera in Aperture mode. Strikes me as funny…

  2. Holla! Have you considered – Pycane DSLR Camera Tricks (do a google search)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my buddy shot some amazing images with it. 

  3. Oh please, Panasonic! This is embarrassing. And I shoot µ43…

  4. i really like my g6 but this comparsion is bullshit

  5. I love MTF, but comparing 3x and 10x zoom lens is lame. Pany, your add is for dummies.

  6. SNS Pro Audio Visual

    all you compared was the lens…not the cameras…..

  7. I'm so happy I bought my G6 before I saw this commercial. I totally love the camera but had I seen this before going shopping I would never have picked it up.

  8. You should put 10x lens on DSLR and compare the result.

  9. Dennis van heumen

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  10. Please give me a site where I can order online

  11. Wow those shots are so amazing

  12. Good to see a head to head video like this

  13. Can't wait to try Lumix G6

  14. Good thing you can sync it to your phone or tablet without using wires

  15. How much is the retail price?

  16. Is this model available now?

  17. This is a WiFi certified camera

  18. Interchangeable lens?

  19. Thanks for this information. Very useful video 🙂

  20. I think this is easy to use than those bigger DSLR

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