The Lumix G6 Challenge – Lumix G vs DSLR Camera – Faster

The Lumix G6 Challenge – Lumix G vs DSLR Camera – Faster


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  1. I love this camera

  2. Fortunately the camera is far better than this stupid ad

  3. Hysterical.

  4. Yeah sure, pro photographer doesn't know how to turn on quick AF on canon 650D.

  5. Outside, sunny day, cloudy day….. I simply can not see what's happening on the lcd screen. The view finder it is always better and belive me, the dslr is faster. But this is a product and a commercial for common people that doesn't want a big, blak camera that weighs 1 kg (the dslr) to capture memories. Just put it that way. 😉

  6. Well of course… even PROs uses AUTO FOCUS as well!

    you're not going to shoot a wedding or sports on manual are you? if he shoots manual here he would have missed the action……

  7. And the DSLR used is…???

  8. A "PRO" using AUTO FOCUS really ??? thats funny

  9. While having no doubt that Lumix G6 is a fast camera and quite possibly faster (in certain areas) than some of similar priced DSLRs, I would rather like to watch a real challenge, not a staged one.

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  12. Totally natural hey… those kids just happened to be there. And twice too!

  13. Can you please upload more line-up of Cameras

  14. Hoping to have this Lumix G6

  15. Can I change the lens on this camera?

  16. Good to know about this camera

  17. I heard good reviews about this model

  18. How about the video recording? Is this good?

  19. It can record HD videos

  20. The grip is so nice to handle

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