The iPhone 6S Takes Better Video Than My Pro DSLR

The iPhone 6S Takes Better Video Than My Pro DSLR

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  1. Redichigo RiEinstein

    hey dude , i have a simple question and hope that you can respon it 🙂

    would u mind to compare the Asus Zenfone 2 4GB RAM version with a DSLR camera ?

    wonder to know how far Asus can comparing their camera for their next smartphone products 🙂

    thanks before and hope u can give the video "Asus Zenfone 2 vs DSLR test 🙂 "

  2. I agree re the image quality, but how do you record better sound to go with that video? It's a puzzlement to me. I've found plug-in lav mikes, but meh… not great. B&H don't have any other suggestions. Anyone out there with some? I'd appreciate it! Thx

  3. Why are people mad at the iphone doing better than a DSLR…? ????

  4. samsung!!!!!! like if u agree!

  5. Yo lee this is going 2 be My first post on any YouTube channel ever. I just want 2 say thank you. I will be upgrading my iPhone 6 plus with the 6s instead of buying a new dslr. This after watching the 3 video test. Cheers bro ????

  6. Once you download your images into something like Shotwell and hit the enhance button for all the photographs (at once) the color punch comes through. You can't get depth of field composition with a cell phone lens, so cell makers have to overcome that hump before they can complete their assault on the world of serious photographer. Your disclaim indicates you got nothing from Nikon, but you did not say whether you got anything (or hope to get anything) from Apple. Hmmm.

  7. What about the compression ? Even though you can film in 4k doesn't mean you are going to have a better file compression.

  8. Here … Here

  9. Shuvro Mojumder (Nero White)

    even my new Z5 defeat the iphone's 4k recording. but this is really ridiculous. please use Sony's 4k camera you will know. all though now most of the smartphones got Sony's sensor.

    and if I get with 1080p then my Sony Xperia with qx1 nothing can beat it

  10. he's right, last year 1080p 60 fps was just catching on to youtube videos. now everyone is switching to 4k cause the clarity is so much better.

  11. Film | Photography | Editing

    120 mbps bitrate on 3k with iPhone 6s holy shit.

  12. Hi Fstoppers! I am confused out of my mind… How can an iPhone 6 capture 4k in the first place? I thought the censor size dictated that, and iPhone has a small censor. 4k directly refers to the "pixel resolution" right? I get your point, and I'm upset as well about the companies choices, but I just dont understand how a small censor can resolve like that in the first place…

  13. 1:45 you can see that nikon has much better dynamic range. all the others things that iphone has – as sharpen video, better colors etc. it does not matter – professional video maker doesnt care. They prefer almost flat colors, they can sharpen it and color balance it (with saturation etc) in post processing everytime. The thing that really matter is that nikon has really bad autofocus for video, canon with they dual pixel af wins.

  14. I'll still be using my DSLR. Why? Because it's the best I have. And I would still choose it over the iPhone for the way I shoot.

  15. This is ridiculous, you can't easily put lenses on this camera, what if it's low light? The footage is gonna look way better on the DSLR. Of course it will, obviously everybody knows this. How did you know I was going to say that?

  16. So this is really a bitch session that nikon hasnt put 4kon their dslrs ? 4k is so new that the d750 and d810 were developed beforw 4k became mainstream most likely.

  17. Well no one films on a dslr, because most filming requires portability

  18. I'm sure you looked a little suspicious for the playground shots

  19. The Unpredictable Jack

    Well you are comparing FullHD vs 4K and mainly, DLSRs are FOR PHOTOS, not for video. You can buy a great DLSR thats better than the Iphone 6s at video if you search


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