The BEST way to Dramatically Improve your Photography Skills – Photography Techniques

The BEST way to Dramatically Improve your Photography Skills – Photography Techniques

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  1. Motivating! 😊😎

  2. I have just discovered your channel, with this video. I have since viewed several others and joined the Facebook group. Thank you for some of the best practical tips I have seen here on YouTube. I will certainly stay tuned.

  3. once again..I'm guilty of this as well l sir… that's about to change! thank you!!!

  4. Great advice and yes I hit the subscribe button. Thanks!

  5. great words of wisdom. I am struggling right now with some sort of confidence problem and this is going to get me out there again

  6. I am honestly baffled as to how you don't have more views, the knowledge, advice and stories that you give (along with having the essential attitude for a tutor) is ideal. I'm a photography student at an art college in the UK, in my final year in fact, and I find these videos and your attitude genuinely makes a difference for someone who likely overthinks to the point of inaction (an episode on analysis-paralysis would be great) or whose confidence fluctuates when photographing in public/with people. Thank you, please keep it up!

  7. I have noticed that the best youtube photographic-vloggers that drop knowledge and practic advises have views of each movie around 1000-10000. rest of pseudo-advisors just promote themselfs and are talking a lot of BS.

    thx, that was a great video, cheers! keep on posting

  8. wow ! great piece of advice ! thank you, i'd need to hear that again: "Practice". i will !

  9. Yes, thank you! This principle is FUNDAMENTAL. Just because I watched a video or read a book (remember those?), or several, doesn't mean I know how to do something, even if I can accurately explain everything from the material in detail. Until I've successfully done it myself, my knowledge is worthless. Subbed and shared this on FB ;)

  10. Benjamin Robinson

    Out of all the self helped videos I've watched on photography on Youtube, this really is quite simply the most useful thing I've ever watched. So simple – yet so perfectly true.

  11. preach brother! i am practicing as much as i can

  12. Joe, I am inspired by what you have to say. I almost gave up on my photography business because of my recent divorce, but I hadn't watched you in a while. You have inspired me to keep going and I thank you for that. I know now that I am ready for my next client!

  13. You are one of my favorite Youtubers teaching about photography. Keep up the good work! I try to learn something every day and apply it to my hobby. I know how to use photoshop very well and went to college for graphic design, but being able to take stunning photographs without filters and enhancements is a goal of mine each time I take pictures.

  14. Roman Korbutiak

    Great video, Joe! Subscribed.

  15. Nice advice. By the way what camera app does you use to capture TIFF files? ProCam?

  16. Beautifully put, Joe. Great reminder!

  17. Fussy Lawn Care

    Every now and then you discover something on you tube that is truly inspirational. Your video, Joe, is one of those discoveries, because it will change the way I do things. I will start using my phone again, but not because I don't have my "good" camera with me, but to practice seeing. Thanks for posting this video.

  18. I liked this video and your information…. Just subbed =)

  19. Whether it is 10,000 hours to become an expert or 100, it takes a lot! Thanks for the reminder, Joe. (And I have GOT to get my iPhone out more often!)

  20. Joe, thanks for all the great videos. question: I just started shooting with strobes and would like to know best practice to thin the face for head shots using lights and modifiers. want to get the best shot in camera before post editing. thanks

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