The BEST Lenses for DSLR Video!

The BEST Lenses for DSLR Video!

- in CANON

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  1. Why sigma 17-50 and not tamron 17-50?

  2. Any review, tutorial about the extended live view monitor?

  3. Anyone have a good list for Full Frame sensors? A7sii E-mount specifically. Im having a very hard time finding sharp lenses for Full frame that wont break the bank. I've been looking a set of Rokinon Cine lenses, but I really like the ability to zoom for run and gun type shooting which is what I do mostly. I've been using Canon FD lenses primarily, but its pointless to use them on the A7sii, it does the camera no justice.

  4. Im shooting short films which would you recommend

  5. amazing vid, very informative . What camera do u use in this footage ?

  6. I have the sigma 17-50mm and get so much autofocus noise!

  7. Ozzie M. Risso (D.E.A)

    The tokina 11-16 is not for full frame . Just so everyone can know.

  8. what lens would you recommend for recording video on a boat that will constantly be moving on a river ?

  9. Loved this! excellent reviews.

  10. The title says " The BEST lenses for DSLR Video! " but most of the footage to demonstrate those lenses is shot with your FS7. But I don't mind it!
    Anyway, this video inspired me a lot, so thanks!

  11. FlavCity with Bobby Parrish

    Hi Jonathan, will you please recommend me a telephoto lens for shooting video. I have a canon 70D and need it for close ups in my cooking videos. Thanks!!!

  12. Jonathan, how do I know if Im on a full frame or "cropped frame" on a Canon T3i (600D)?
    – Also Im lookin for a "go to lens" for video mostly. does the 2.8 Sigma have like 360 degree focus range? or does it focus in like a 1/4 turn? 3) is the focal ring toward the front or the back of the lens? The lens I have now its at the front and I cannot use it with my mattebox and filters. 4) is the f stop "de clicked"?

  13. hello! thanks for the video; do you recommend this lenses also for a Panasonic GH4 (with speed booster)?

  14. Loving this video, I actually have the sigma 18-35 and I'm in love… Keep the great work up!

  15. I'm looking for a lens to film wildlife from a close to medium distance, primarily whales, dolphins and porpoises from a research boat. I need a lens which can deal with low light and possible glare, which lens can recommend? Would really appreciate help and advice as I am new to using dslr cameras, thanks.

  16. I just bought a canon 70d body looking for a lens that can shoot great pictures and video any recommendations 

  17. What is the best lens for wide angle video shooting. Like an interview or something similar to that?

  18. Are any of these lenses compatible with the Blackmagic Pocket Camera without a mount, specifically the Sigma 18-35MM F/1.8?

  19. Adam + Evie Film & Video Productions

    That was really helpful and straight to the point! Thank you forever!

  20. what u recommend for a Sony A57? an 18 –  35 F1/1.8 as well?

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