The best 4K camera to date? Sony A7S II Review

The best 4K camera to date? Sony A7S II Review

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  1. This would be the god of all SLRs if it had a higher bit color, swivel LCD screen, and 60fps in 4k! Right now I'm still with my GH4 the low light is pretty bad but it gets the job done.

  2. How does it fare against Panasonic Gh4

  3. Which Adaptor are you using to use Canon Lens?

  4. I seem to be having a problem using my canon lenses with my a7s II. I get a vignette/cropping effect when switching to 4K video mode. Is this because of my lens converter ?

  5. Please suggest me which Pro DSLR Mirror-less camera is best to buy for today-es film making? I have a Canon 7D & a 70D & some kit lenses. Now I want to buy a pro DSLR & Some pro lenses for my upcoming pro projects. My budget is around US$5,000.

  6. Hammer video. Hat fast alle meine fragen geklärt. Nur eine hab ich noch vll kann jmd helfen. Was passiert wenn ich canon 70-200 mit bildstabi habe und es an die kamera mit metabone adaper anschließe. Hab ich dann doppelte stabilisiation 😀
    Nochmal danke fuer das super video sehr professionell und auch sehr informativ.

  7. Sergey GreatDayPhoto

    WHY MARK II ? it's no canon! 🙂 Just "7S II" boys :)

  8. nice video bro keep uploading

  9. What Lut did you use to colour grade the video?

  10. Jhay-M Productions

    Hi i was wondering if the stabilisation inside the a7s2 works on Rokinon lenses ? or do you need a adaptor ?

  11. Troy Pointer Photography

    hi this is troy where did you get your MOUNT 4 cannon lenses ? is it electronic ? contact me

  12. Low light. It's an amazing system without question. I own one and it's stellar.

  13. Fenchel, does the A7sII autofocus work during video while using a metabones and canon glass? I have been searching but I can't find any concrete info.

  14. my first ever video seen in 4k xD BEST 10 SECONDS OF MY LIFE!! wouldn't load the rest

  15. 4:19 "120fps in 1080p"
    You can get that on an iPhone lol

  16. very cool review, thanks! what is the crop factor when you shooting at 60fps? same as the 120fps?
    [edit] I found the info:

    The Sony a7S II records:
    4K Full Frame: up to 30 fps
    HD 1.6 crop: up to 60fps
    HD 2.2 crop: up to 120fps

  17. Which EF to E mount adaptor are you using?

  18. Jonathan Hammond

    What ND filter would you recommend?

  19. Now i know which camera to buy

  20. Survival Deutschland

    what is realy sad is then this camera is mostliky useless for the most youtuber`s because you cant see your self while filming, what a shame acctually

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