Tearing Apart a Nikon D80 DSLR

Tearing Apart a Nikon D80 DSLR

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  1. Looks like the flash popup motor at 12:51 might be a high voltage coil to drive the flash bulb.

  2. Dude , a thumbs up from me ! Not for ruining the nikon like a noob but for your nice sounding voice and caracter ! It was refreshingly calming.

  3. Thanks, I've never seen the inside of a camera like that.

  4. For those who hear about the jargon, but don't have a mechanical background and are curious about what the parts look like

  5. Respect man . This was very informative as well as entertaining.

  6. Oswaldo L Calzavara

    Very cool. I liked it!

  7. Uğur Önder Bozkurt

    thanx to your ex :)

  8. If I were you i'd sue her for the original price of the camera

  9. ¿Qué hay dentro de una cámara DSLR? Checa!!!

  10. Your ex disliked this video :P

  11. so what did you do to make your ex so mad?

  12. You can use the screwdriver to short the capacitor to discharge it. Also I think the flash release is not mechanical because it needs to be able to flip up on it's own based on the flash settings OR release when you hit the flash release button. You should maybe bring down the levels of the music in your videos or raise your voice levels. I had to keep adjusting my volume.

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