Taiwan Special 1/3 – Tips on Travel Photography (Ep.1)

Taiwan Special 1/3 – Tips on Travel Photography (Ep.1)

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  1. Come to Bali some day

  2. He looked Asian but sounds English.

  3. what does the backgroud music ??

  4. come Taiwan again!! i can guide you guys to a good place to take photos!

  5. your website digitalrev.com is absolutely FANTASTIC !!!
    nice look and funtionnality BRAVO !

  6. Kai's photos are just terrible. Every video, ive never seen a decent photo..

  7. you should do more of these

  8. You need to do more of these trips! Like a photography themed Top Gear special.

  9. SDGames SDGamerspro

    i guess you could say they ate some sh*tty food. OH YEAH! BEST PUN EVER!

  10. 14:35 thats the same kind of lightbulb I have got in my softboxes

  11. Sounds like Lok was stopped by important cucumbers.

  12. Sounds like Top Gear. LOL

  13. top gear much?!

  14. Hi everyone ! I live in Taiwan ! Please take a look at my work on Instagram @uyantien Any support is highly appreciated !!

  15. "When I say funny I mean another f word"

  16. What song at 1:42 – ?

  17. Haha, the bloody producer.

  18. I'm awaiting the DigitalRev goes
    to philippines episode #1

  19. love your vids

  20. So did you guys all sleep together in one bed and Alamby sleep right in the middle in lingerie smudged next to Kai and Lok?

    Those asian bathroom theme restaurant failed miserably here in the US. LOL business goes down the toilet too. 

    15:10 yeah, bite that, Alamby, bite that hard. mmmm

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