Sunset Portrait Photography – tips for photographers and models, 50mm camera lens

Sunset Portrait Photography – tips for photographers and models, 50mm camera lens

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  1. One of the many reasons that I love your videos is that you include the camera setting. That's a huge help. Thanks.

  2. if youre my model that would be heaven :)

  3. I think that without a reflector or a speedlight to bump some light on the face, the result it is not "mystical" but just… flat. Just my opinion :)

  4. Thanks for sharing….

  5. Thanks for sharing….

  6. no flash use? how you can have so much light on the face without reflactor and flash?

  7. winston espinal

    You got it!

  8. Thanks so much! Could I ask you a question? Why you always high ISO in outdoor sunset?

  9. do u use any ND Filter in this video ?

  10. Aditya Dhaniswara


  11. Beautiful pics, love the accent (lol) & great tips, you have great vision & ideas…you're a natural gifted photographer/model…rare nowadays…

  12. Once again you are a beauty but Mark should have used a reflector just to ad a small amount of light on your face, not much but a bit to remove the gray of the dress.

  13. Andree Martinez

    Amore mio

  14. Hi. I love the videos and photos. What is Mark's flicker name. You guys are the best for  learning different  techniques.

  15. I love your videos. They are simple, yet informative. You and Mark use modest gear and achieve great results. I think you are intelligent, pretty, talented and gifted.The fact that you can explain very fluidly the shoots in your video shows your talent and understanding of light.Thanks for your efforts and videos…  I wish you the best…Ed

  16. Yoga Yasahardja

    can't stop myself seeing another video from you. interesting!
    2:30 so lovely and pretty!

  17. tengoAireEnLaCabeza

    las fotos muy bonitas, pero tu voz tan desgarrada, suena desagradable y cansina, hablas como si estuvieras cabreada y eso cansa, rompe mi tranquilidad y equilibrio

  18. nice explaination

  19. I love Brit accent in women

  20. Cosimo Anaclerio

    Potresti tradurre in italiano qualche lezione…..
    Sono molto imteressato..

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