Studio Portrait Lighting and Techniques

Studio Portrait Lighting and Techniques

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  1. Nice. I'd recommend adding another light from the other side or possibly even a fill flash with a strobe or two. It would even out the light a bit more and you could shoot at lower ISO (even though 320 isn't that bad) The shutter speed seems a little fast and since you don't need to freeze action as much you might be able to compensate a stop or two of light by lowering it a little bit. Just remember your minimum shutter is dependent on 1 / (Focal Length * Crop Factor). Great job :)

  2. ugly shadows, not good

  3. Sometimes more experienced photographers will critique to help newer learners, it's how it works in any art form. I've not read all the comments but no one has said pack it in and sell your camera. I think the shop that sold her the beauty dish is very much at fault. It should be about a foot above the talent on a boom to give a crisp but softer lighting, the low ISO helps with this. Also a beauty dish is no good for weddings and fashion, weddings mobile soft box and fashion can vary. The BD is only for young people's head shots, and then only if they have flawless skin. Jessica seems to be self taught and amazing how she has succeeded, has awesome passion and a brilliant eye, professional criticism only helps. Watching her videos is inspiring, and gives me faith in the next generation of photographers. When I was learning we each had to show 2 photos (real photos, printed) to the class every week for them to rip apart, learnt a lot doing that, but mainly the importance of criticism.

  4. what are you using as your trigger?

  5. Where did you buy your lighting equipment?

  6. What are people bitching about on most of these videos? I think she's very good. She knows what she wants and goes for it

  7. great video you did amazing dont let these miserable youtubers get any attention from you! glad you follow your passion :)

  8. I love your videos Jessica. Thank you.

  9. You don't need to be an expert. You don't need to know how to use your lighting. To each her own. But, please don't lead your viewers to believe this is in any way a tutorial. The only information you offered was the settings you posted. And some beginners might think iso 320 is correct. This is a fun "let's goof around with a strobe" session. Not a tutorial.

  10. 320….who cares ? She got the results she was looking for. I love when people forget that they didn't always know it all or that there is more than one way to do something. The settings worked for her and that's what matters. Cheers Jessica !

  11. Photography <3 :)

  12. OMG people shut up. She used 320. Get over it. She is experimenting and she does whatever she wants. If she prefers 320 for a reason then that's it. The photos were great and that is what matters. Gosh you people love trying to be superior. Guess what? You're not!

  13. Your retouching is amazing !!

  14. Love the honesty of your video. Great for the beginner. I only wonder why ISO320 on the Mark2? That rig works best closer to ISO100. Anyways, good video. I subscribed.

  15. what radio transmitter is that?

  16. Is that just a normal flash on your camera? Or is it tandem?

  17. Model smiles beautifully ……. God bless her beauty forever!! :)

  18. If I'm doing Full body bathing suit shoot,  is this 50mm 1.2 a good Lens for that ?

  19. boualem mohamed

    very bad 😀 learn to pose ur model and pay attention to dish in ur angle of view

  20. Hey jess, what i recommend since you usually do natural light is to use a high speed sync speedlight for your indoor shoots.  I say this because i prefer to adjust the shutter speed first instead of aperture. I determine in my head what aperture i want (for artistic reasons and depth of field etc) then solely work with shutter speed. A lot of studio lights wont sync past 1/250th and if it does your gonna pay a hefty price.. no need to pay a hefty price if you're typically a natural light shooter. Plus each lens is at it's sharpest at a certain aperture (not to say it cant be fixed in post).

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