Sony RX100 Review – DSLR in a Pocket Body? – Does it suck?

Sony RX100 Review – DSLR in a Pocket Body? – Does it suck?

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  1. great review!! really usefull. i'm about to buy the m2 for €350. i can't wait!

  2. 3 Years on and this review still helpful ! RX100 s are cheap now and I consider buying one. I wonder if its better than the Sony A5000.Which is also cheap now.

  3. Great review! Thank you!

  4. I am currently in the market for a SLR and was thinking of buying the Sony A58 but after watching this video and doing a little bit of research I can't decide what to do. The Sony RX100 looks awesome and preforms amazing, now I just need some comparison videos to figure out what to choose: an SLR or a Sony RX100

  5. Very helpful review, I admire your honest and plain spoken approach.

  6. I just ordered mine!! I'm so excited! I originally wanted the RX100 M3, but I didn't have the money for it. So I got this one since I could afford it now. I can handle not having the extra things the 3 has. This camera will still be powerful and amazing to use! I can't wait! Thanks for the review, it was good! :)

  7. Easily replaces the Sony HX300. Since the sensor is 1 inch, you can easily crop photos at full zoom(which is short) but then if you crop them it does the same job as if you zoomed in 1200mm…. Which is great!

  8. By far the best review I've come across. Thanks buddy!

  9. Sold my Nikon D3100 to buy Sony RX 100 and have no regrets, this camera is rly amazing and takes truly stunning photos. Rx II and Rx III probably are even better

  10. Awesome review. I was thinking about getting a dslr so I could finally take some good looking photos and get the bokeh effect everyone loves. But this camera seems like it could do just what I was expecting from the dslr I was considering, and save me some money.

  11. I wanted it for video and for it's video is what i am in love, specially the fact of being able to chage ANYTHING at your will in manual mode, i've had cameras that just do what ever the hell they want, change focus, WB, exposure, aperture, iso, everything and after finishing recording a video i go and watch it back and boy oh boy, everything looks out of everything, like, nothing is how i expected it to be, with this, at least i can lock all the settings and as far as my light it constant the video will turn out just as i wanted. If i use sunlight or changing light, then auto mode will do the trick.

  12. I've never owned a proper camera before but after seeing your stills I can't wait to get my hands on an RX100, absolutely stunning

  13. I've always used for my reviews, and as for me, I couldn't ask for more for studio work.

  14. Great review, very well done, thank you! :-)

  15. Great review 

  16. Kishel Raj Mohan

    Very well put together review. Subscribed. 

  17. make me that day when cameras were noisy at 400 iso lolol

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