Sony Alpha NEX Camera – Available Low Light (NEX-5, NEX-3) dslr

Sony Alpha NEX Camera – Available Low Light (NEX-5, NEX-3) dslr

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  1. how to take great low light pic ? what mode should i use ? 🙂 especially to take potrait at night..huhu..its look dark..

  2. Sorry… I'm not sure what you mean by that.

  3. with an adapter? the 16mm f2.8 isn't good enought? =/

  4. I don't have the answer to that, but I know he did a long exposure… I know on a lot of the shots he just used the "canned" settings. Let me see if I can find out….

  5. @thatgonzalesgirl what setting is in the video is 1:21 with the Beautiful Night shot of the Mountains & Starry Sky.

  6. Lenses used on this shoot were:
    Sony Carl Zeiss 2.8/24-70 ZA (Model: SAL2470Z)
    Sony Carl Zeiss 2.8/16-35 (Model: SAL1635Z)
    Sony Carl Zeiss 1.8/135 ZA (Model: SAL135F18Z)
    Sony Carl Zeiss 1.4/85 ZA (Model: SAL85F14Z)
    Sony 1.4/35 G (Model: SAL35F14G)
    Sony 1.4 Tele Converter (Model: SAL14TC)
    Sony 2.8/70-200 G (Model: SAL70200G)

  7. w8… 0:19 f1.4 ?? wut lens is that?

  8. de nada! 🙂

  9. Limon de Cantina Pobre

    Gracias exelente toma!!! busca mi canal tal vez te gusten mis videos.. saludos desde linares nuevo leon mexico

  10. para la toma de la catedral era Handheld Twilight. No usamos ningún tipo de iluminación – era toda la luz disponible, natural de luces de la calle o lo que estaba alrededor. Pero usted tendrá más control sobre sus imágenes si se utiliza un ajuste manual. Pero para aquellos de nosotros que no somos muy buenos en eso, Handheld Twilight es una gran opción.

  11. Limon de Cantina Pobre

    hey amiga.. podrias decirme que settings le pusiste a la camara para filmar de noche…o usaste lamparas? y en que modo usaste la camara .. manual or smarth??

  12. im so happy with my sony Nex C3 its really a smal and profesional camera …..

  13. What Settings Do You Prefer When Taking A Picture Or Video During The Night???

  14. @BobZOMG84 just use shazam to find the music!!!

  15. i want this camera!!!!

  16. @KMcraeMusic use manual focus mode

  17. Wich lens is used in the Video? The 50mm F 1,4 ??

  18. @NotteBellaEMagnifica YES! It was gorgeous… we went all around from Valpariaisio to Santiago but my favorite was Pisco Elqui!

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