Sony Alpha DSLR A900 review

Sony Alpha DSLR A900 review

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  1. I loved this sony A900. When this came out. This was the DSLR that I really wanted. I'm a little disappointed at the newer sony models. Mainly probably cause I'm not a big fan of EVF and the new SLT technology (although It has its advantages) I wish sony would make DSLRs like this again.

  2. Succeeded by the a99

  3. I agree with you completely. I am actually planning on purchasing an a900 for some studio and street photography work. I barely use the LiveView to be honest, I love looking at the viewfinder.

  4. If you want to shoot video buy a fucking video camera.Sony Alpha 900 is maybe an old camera but it is still a very good camera.

  5. Eh, yes he does at 2:30!

    And Gordon far from stupid, he is like the best camera reviewer on Youtube.

  6. im quite sure he does say at 2:28 "THERE IS NO MOVIE MODE HERE" jack ass

  7. When this first came out. I was soo wowed by this. I wanted it soo bad. Even now, design wise. I think it's a greatly designed a camera. I just wish sony would make dslr like these again. I don't like their new ones with EVF.

  8. Thanks very much. . .!

  9. mitsubishidiamante

    if you subscribe to Jared Fro knows Photo he Mention that the Nikon & Sony are workin and Building a new DSLR Camera

  10. Can you tell us where you get this info?

  11. I have it and highly reccomend it for pro uses.

  12. nothing in this world is free. absolutely nothing.

  13. yasaswy nagavolu

    @cameralabs Yeah and what the hell is with Carl Zeiss.. some say its not good anymore and price doesnt say that.. please help us with your nputs.

  14. mitsubishidiamante

    Sony & Nikon are working together on their new DSLR Camera

  15. @le0401 just saying he does say at 2:30 "there is no movie mode"… you should probably do more research before you buy a camera and then get angry at someone for doing a great free service for something they didnt do…

  16. @cameralabs pretty sure at 2:34 you also say there is no movie mode here… therefore you did mention a lack of video i think le0401 has a lack of brain cells!

  17. @ le0401, gordon lane is a great reviewer online and filming on YouTube. Also, the reason why you couldn't understand Gordon is because you don't have a clue knowledge about camera's. So who's the stupid idiot? IT'S YOU!

  18. @azkabantazkaban well said

  19. @le0401
    If you had that much cash on hand and have such a need for video, why not get a video camera instead of a video capable DSLR or DSLT?

  20. @NIBIR98
    Actually, live view comes in real handy for event shoots when often awkward positioning of the camera is required to get a wanted view.

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