Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 preview

Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 preview

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  1. Daniel “the1thinker” Gomez

    i did not have to get any lens for my a700 because i had a bunch of lens from my Minolta 7d

  2. In dark conditions that used as the camera's auto-focus assist. Some cameras have a bright red or amber light, separate from the flash; the A700 does not so it uses the flash. In normal conditions, it is Red Eye reduction.

  3. It's more compared to the D200. In fact, it received a considerably better rating over all, and is noticeably better in regards to ISO performance.

  4. No, it does not do video.

  5. Should i buy a A550 or A700?

  6. @greenteamike a77

  7. @gary35mm a77 is the successor of a700! for a900? you have to wait!

  8. can this camera record video?

  9. Can you make a review of the new Sony Alpha SLT – A33 please ??
    Please answer me =)

  10. @socal1000 except the d300 is better

  11. @gordon,.
    which is better a700 or a550?,. pls answer me coz im about to buy one of them next week tnx and more power to you,.

  12. @TheChannelViews I think its called red eye reduction but not sure

  13. its focus assist and red eye reduction

  14. ugly beastly camera imo, no live view either

  15. now this is a camera which feels so good the moment you hold it in your hands…. the only drawback is that there is no liveview but not many people use liveview…. atleast i dont.

  16. hardly, i was askin a sensable question i wasnt having a go, as i sed i was new to cameras at the time

  17. the 200,300,350

    now the 230,330,380
    are the normal range dslr camera
    like nikons d40-60-90

    this camera is like the
    canon 40-50d
    nikon d300

  18. If you read my review of the A700 at cameralabs . com, you'll know it's the second DSLR from Sony after the A100, hence the comparison.

  19. this might sound stupid to sum people but im new to this, why r u comparing the a700 to the a100, and not the 200, 300 or 350, was the 700 released before them, if so why call it 700

  20. I love my E510! it's as dependable as any camera could be and a worthy investment for those who need more than a snapsot camera with a limitless set of variables for the discerning photographer.

    It's been 10 months since I commented above and although I'm sure that I've changed, my Olympus is the same as the day I bought it.

    When I bought it at Circuit City, I waived their extended protection offer ($99.00 for 3 years). Little did they realize that my Olympus would out live them!

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