Sony Alpha DSLR A350 review

Sony Alpha DSLR A350 review

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  1. That was a great review, ive just purchased this model and am really glad I did after watching it, ive got a Cannon, DSLR and a Nikon too and this one looks as good if not better, still waiting for it to be delivered, I was Told Sony cameras are good, and judging by this review, thankfully looks like its true, thanks.

  2. can I use for video camera?

  3. can there also a SD-card in ?

  4. Hi its any change to repair my camera A350, Its hard to me to explained what is called the problem, i just give you some example..if my model or object is centered of my view area, when I take a shot and previewed my model a bit lowered not in the center, one more example in a half body shot if my lower view is in the stomach when I shot and previewed is in the chest.

  5. can you record video with this camera, or not?

  6. @Teslasdik it doens't :X

  7. can this camera take movies? it's pissing me off cuz i just wanna throw it away if it doesn't!!!

  8. does this camera take any sony lenses or is it particular lenses? please help!

  9. video?

  10. @1TranceMusic I think in Japan

  11. Lex luthor sell cameras now !!! damn you clark kent 🙁

  12. one question, does this camera support UDMA cards?

  13. Andreas Anatselopoulos

    Not there..

  14. Problems? I dont have any probs with this one. I love this camera =) Makes beautiful pictures!

  15. FTW?

  16. I opted for the Canon 450D. My reason being although the megapixels is higher on the Sony,it has far more noise in darker scenes when comparing images. Only had my Conon two weeks but so far it's been faultless to me,touch wood. Though I do think i need a better lens as the zoom isn't to clever on the 18-55,I'm going for the 18-200

  17. please help??? Nikon D80 or Sony A350. For indoor and indoor use. And why. Thanks.

  18. Those pictures he showed where taken in Queenstown New Zealand!! I've lived there for quite a while! LOL

  19. i think the latest model is a380..

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