Sony Alpha A99 Hands-on Review

Sony Alpha A99 Hands-on Review

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  1. Hi,sony a 99 ,nice camera… in year2013 …. now ,a7r2 … best camera with 4k video hd ….sony vs nikon vs canon… i wons …i want …. thankyou japan … i love asia … super …very happy with you .. stay forever ..i keep all film's camera and digital .. very good .nice pictures ..happy new with older ..elder too.

  2. Sony rubbish , Nikon is god

  3. Gardner Calibuso

    dude's funny!  Love it!… I have this camera and it never disappoint!

  4. When will the A99 mark 2

  5. What do you think about this one? Is it great for videography? Is it good in photography?

  6. Shaneil McIntosh

    I thought Loc was going to drift inside the cart and flip over …..oh man


    Hello every REAL photographer , if you have any free time , just scroll down into the comments and you'll see the defensive sony fanboys rise… Have fun!


    5:28 sounds like Pingu's dad ranting xD

  9. "if you don't like the face, take it from behind…" LOL!!!

  10. Can anyone please tell me why Kai sounds like Mr. Magoo ???

  11. que absurdo…estan probando una full frame con objetivos aps-c , es estupido

  12. DASS photography

    this is aps-c lens ,!!! why??!
    that camera is amazing !

  13. ugh, wheres the review, this was pretty weak

  14. is it alright to shoot random people without asking for permission? 

  15. 12:41 you guys almost took out that poor guy on the bike.

  16. what the fuck is the point of having a mirror if the viewfinder is electronic?

  17. the shape is a bit like Leica R8 or R9. isn't it?

  18. martin “marvays” richta

    This lens is DT 1.8/50 SAM . . . not FF lens. Or not?

  19. whats that fokus system about? thats crap, the 5d3´s only middle section is further spread than all of a99´s points.

  20. Kai talk about how the Alpha line looks like the shoulder are becoming over the head timeline 1:18 but he shoot like once himself at timeline 5:34, Ha, got you back Kai for talking about my Sony

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