Sony Alpha A77 II Hands-on Review

Sony Alpha A77 II Hands-on Review

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  1. Yeah make new vidio looks like new … ofcorse get some move for the past … I watch almast all your move and non of them is right . You dont have idea about publishing about cameras … Maybe you should watch a profesionalist ? Like Gary Fong ?

  2. LOL Please pair at least a GOOD lens in the review, not DT 50/1.8 !!!

  3. I have a 1300$ budget to buy me my first DSLR. which one you would recommend for stills only between the canon rebel t6s and the Sony Alpha a77 ii? and which one of them is the best camera overall?

  4. NOW I KNOW WHO YOU SOUND LIKE!! You sound like Simon Cowell from American Idol and no it's not because of your accent. XD

  5. I've found some value in a few of Kai's videos, but the whole campy, tongue-in-cheek, circus act is more for entertainment than for information.  Kind of like the guy is bored of cameras and this is his response.  Camera enthusiasts might entertain going elsewhere, as one needs to work too hard to extract any review data from these sideshows….

  6. And no autofocus video review?? put that a77II side by side with the crap nikon and canon make, Sony will blow out of the water that shitty contrast autofocus.

  7. Talk about the USELESS Wi-Fi built in on nikon vs the one inside the a77 II. Or compare the 79 AF Points on the a77II vs the 11 of the canon 6D. And the price…

  8. Wow.  Is this guy a Homer or what?

  9. the camera is good, but the 'review' is more than bad !

  10. He is impressed by how it performs while shooting people in the street. O.o 

  11. your videos are very addictive and some of the reviews looks like you just sucked a lemon before reviewing the cameras.

  12. Come on im a pretty huge drtv fan but this was pretty biased.  I mean, this thing kicks the crap out of canon or nikon for video, niether of which have really anything that exciting with you know.. video for the last half a decade.  I bought my d600 for stills and it's fantastic for stills but it's amazing to see what was left out of a $2000 camera when sony users are getting this and so much more!  Heck, even with the $3000 d810 we are still getting the same low bitrate codec that we still had a few years ago.  I bought my d600 for stills and its fantastic for that but i think we all know Nikon/canon havent really done anything exciting as of late.  I mean, this thing has 79 af points! 12 fps!  What makes this exciting is that it does video and stills well!  I mean, plus the stabilization!    Give me a canon or a nikon body that stabilizes every lens!  Saying that this is unexciting is like looking at a life supply of pizza and hookers and going "eh."

  13. I think I've found the ugliest, geekiest, most annoying person on the internet!!!!! He has a face that screams, "punch me!!!!!"

  14. I have to say the video looks much better than the 5DmkIII footage, ignoring the focus problems

  15. Kai. You're pretty good but please loose the "British" impersonator thing. I lost my concentration in the review about 5 min. into the video. Stick to a more natural, to the point presentation please. Come out as a real presenter who has something really neat to tell the viewers. Instead of short clips of things that seem hilarious maybe go longer with a littler more substance. Thanks and keep improving.

  16. I don't get this guy and Sony, the camera isn't ugly at all, the other major cameras all look like China clones of cameras from 1999 while the Sony actually looks modern if you want to talk about aesthetics, Nikon and canon are shit looking aesthetically but who buys a camera for physical looks, a totally subjective and irrelevant factor. Never heard any reviewer comments on aesthetics,
    Beginning to think this guy is rubbish, he is odd looking and sounding if anything, skinny Asian with husky British accent?, well excuuuuse me.

  17. sony a77 mark ii and canon 70d, which one work in low light please .

  18. I'm a sony fan but you are so funny when you described the Cam :D

  19. Arnaldo Juris Maclang

    I think Kai or Lok forgot to turn on the Steady Shot Inside before they started filming.

  20. Any suggestions are welcome for Sony a77ii or Nikon D7200? 
    need help guys, i have no experience with photography at all.. Many thnx !!

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