Sony Alpha A200 DSLR Review

Sony Alpha A200 DSLR Review

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  1.…stop saying um goddamit

  2. Does anyone know if it records video?

  3. Dorwin Kingston (Blue Legend)

    can this camera record 1080 video? does it have manual focus and how much is it going for now?

  4. too many ahm's

  5. I'm gonna get a pink Barbie camera from toys r us , paint it black , and WE'RE GONNA HAVE A HEAD TO HEAD SHOOTOUT!!

  6. But ummm so yes ummm yea ummmm anyway ummm like ummmm

  7. used, I paid US$500,00 three year ago


  9. How much would this camera be worth now?

  10. silentiumestaureum93

    How is it for making animation?

  11. quel objectif ca ?

  12. I wish all reviews were like that

  13. Nothing screams beginners camera louder than having the amount of mp's stamped on front of your camera. Redicilous.

  14. i've currently just got the kit lens.. but i much prefer the one you used, which is that please (as in what are the deets of the lens)?

  15. ShowCaseProductions

    @MrAdf27 yup! for all lenses possible

  16. ShowCaseProductions

    @hublelucas yes, yes you do.

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