Sony Alpha 500 DSLR Camera Look

Sony Alpha 500 DSLR Camera Look

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  1. hey could you advice me which should i get Sony A500 or Canon 550D? i want to use it for event use.. need some good advice.. Thanks

  2. @pinky5246 No Problem!! I think my Reply is below this response if you didn't see it.

  3. @pinky5246 So between the two I'd definitely go for the A580 because I like those better specs and I need them. The main thing I like about the Nikon is the Screen that can be used for a self portrait if you have no one to hold the camera for you. and it's a Nikon which a lot of people appreciate. The A580 is still better to me though!

  4. @pinky5246 No Problem! Well like at this comparison You pay around the same but the A580 will offer a lot!!! Like 16.2 MPs, a very fast 7 FPS continuous shoot, Full HD Video! The D5k will lack the MPs and the continuous shoot. And I have heard before the Nikons don't shoot video as well as the Sonys I guess in around this price range or less. The D5k still has the rotating screen which I'd say is good for self portraits as which the Sony only has the Tilting screen like you see here.

  5. @pinky5246 So I'd only go with the A500, D3k or D5k as the A380 is a bit low for me. The D3100 would also be a nice camera too which shoots HD video but it is sorta new so they price would be higher. I'd say right now the D5k is a very good camera out of all 4 here since it shoots HD Video in that price range. Usually Sony does come with more options but not in this comparison. So I'd recommend the Nikon D5000, but that completely up to you!

  6. @pinky5246 The Nikons D3k or D5k are both very good cameras but the D5k is the only on that shoots HD Video out of the 4 you mentioned. The D5k also has a 180/360 degree turning/tilting screen which none others have. The D5k has 12.3 MPs & the D3k has only 10.2 MPs. To me MPs actually don't matter much as most pics that come out of a DSLR look great. Just depending how large the image you need and I guess small details. Not so sure on their continuous shoot but less then 5 FPS.

  7. @pinky5246 Well I'll pretty much go through the main points but to me they mostly average pretty close. The Nikons might do slightly better and are also more popular. The A380 is a bit newer than the A500 and features 14.2 MPs while the A500 only has 12.3 MPs. They both have a tilting screen but the A500 has a larger screen and is more able to tilt than the A380. I also believe the A500 will have more functions and one of them is the Continuous shoot which is 5 FPS, faster then the A380.

  8. @StolzaKryptz Ohh hmm I never knew that! I guess I gotta try that sometime. Thanks For Sharing!

  9. @itskatarinaaaaa No Problem!! =)

  10. itskatarinaaaaa

    @TypicalB18 alright thank you. (:

  11. @itskatarinaaaaa Hi, Sorry but the A500 only takes pictures so there is no way to take or record videos using the A500.

  12. itskatarinaaaaa

    can you record videos using the A500? i have it and i wanna record videos but i dont know how.

  13. @ipadize Well I think it needs to be switched on the Camera's body & on the Lens itself. That's pretty much all I know why there are 2 AF & MF switches. =)

  14. why 2 af-mf switches?

  15. is it worth buying??

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