Sony A7s vs Canon 5D Mark III – The 5D has finally met its match

Sony A7s vs Canon 5D Mark III – The 5D has finally met its match

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  1. nice camera sony A7s

  2. Well, obviously the SA7S footage is more sharper and it's filming amazing in low light situations, but the C5DM3 footages are much "cinematic"… I don't know, maybe it depends of settings or something but I like Canon's look better.

  3. Guðjón Jónsson

    This test is totally invalid. The sony camera has a much better lens so it's obvious it will be sharper no matter what.

  4. Света Бьол

    sony announced a7s2. internal 4K recording at sd card. game over for canon.

  5. If your thinking of jumping ship like I am… HOLD OFF !!!!
    Sony is about to launch the a7sii. IMO it will be just right for those of us who love astrophotography and video shooting. Sadly Canon has left it way too long and I will not be buying another Canon for years to come.

  6. Jeff Philippi Films

    You hurt my feelings when i realised that i got my 5D Mkiii only a few months ago so i am stuck with it for at least a year. I love working with it though and it feels like i am getting better results since i got it but this video just destroys my perspective a little

  7. sony a7s o sony a7r2 for video? thank

  8. My 5D3 and everything else was recently stolen, so im torn on what to buy next…. im sweating bullets on what I should get. Ugh.

  9. Jinggo Aniñon (Jeric)

    You should try the Sony RX10ii

  10. The future is Sony !

  11. I Sempliciotti con l'alloro

  12. thanks for your great review.. I'm really thinking of selling my mark III now… still thinking about sony A7s or panasonic GH 4…

  13. BhaveshKumar Raval

    Which Camera is better for professional and commercial use ?

  14. I want to start getting into videography and am currently doing some research on what camera I should buy. I want to make car videos which would be composed of a lot of in car perspective shots as well as exterior tracking shots. It would primarily be filmed in daylight and include a lot of wide scenery clips. Any advice on a what camera I should get. It's a bit overwhelming right now as this kind of thing is a bit foreign to me. I'm currently looking at the the A7s and the Canon 60D and 70D. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Michiel De Gelder

    is it also possible to mention what you used to shoot the video with? :)

  16. Fuji 35 and 50 Exr will give it a good run… me

  17. Fuck 5d fuck C100 !! A7s RULES !!! Holy shit !! Especially the lowlights.

  18. Erich von Manstein

    4:30 So Cute, OMG

  19. Santiago Gdo. Arboleda

    You should do the same test but using better lenses in the 5D. I used to have a Sony Camera but in my opinion the built quality is quite bad, I had to replace the LDC twice because I just stopped working.

  20. Look up RAW video shooting with the 5D. The quality will blow your mind. ;)

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