Sony A7S II Hands-On Field Test (In New York!)

Sony A7S II Hands-On Field Test (In New York!)

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  1. Hi – Anybody knows that the MF assist when is turn on works also during recording video?

  2. i really cant decide which of them, a7r2 or a7s2 id love to have more. cant afford any, thats safe.                  I dont understand why people dont consider it to much for stills.        some years ago 12mp was perfectly fine for a pro-cam.                  I did upgrade to 24mp to see some details in goodlight…             but when it gets low, anything more than 12mp.detail  will be soon washed away anyway..                         sure more MP is nice. for detail. cropping. BIGprints.         but 12mp is fine..and the thought of shooting available light or just having a lot of ambient NO matter how dark it is is tempting.

  3. What lens was used for the A7S video?

  4. Legit tourist camera. ????

  5. Charles Springer

    Plenty of hand waving and video of the "talent". How about some shots of the camera? Hate this yak yak stuff.

  6. Ольга Фомюк

    on which camera and lens you shoot this video?

  7. what about its gross color reproduction?

  8. You grew up there and haven't been there for 30 years? Dude, how old are you?!

  9. Would you choose the a7S II over a Panasonic GH4 / shogun combo for filming interviews, camera would be tripod mounted in a well lite studio? And what lens do you recommend for said scenario?

  10. It still amazes me how sharp that little thing is at high ISO. It's an astrophotographer's wet dream.

  11. I need this camera in my life Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. A7sii and A7Rii are sisters? really?

  13. I only clicked cause the thumbnail looks like Robert Downey, Jr.

  14. crap for the price

  15. Vasili Pasioudis

    Hi, is the 5 axis stabiliser available on 3rd party canon EF lens via adaptor or sigma E mount for Sony, or must you have native Sony E mount lenses. Also, is clean HDMI out available while recording and playback while also mirroring to the LCD cheers.

  16. What's the difference between a7r ii?

  17. Sweet 🙂 We shot our last movie "my days as a woflman" on the sony A7s with shogun. pretty nice picture quality :)

  18. Not so impressed. Does anyone else see a lot of artifacts even at lower ISO? Also for 3000 dollars was expecting 60P 4K.

  19. I am a bit confused. I currently own a Sony A7 II that I picked up last December. I do not shoot professionally but I took a couple years of photography back in high school oh so many years ago. At the time in the IBIS was just a huge selling point to me. I used Sony's BOSS handycam lineup and loved the results but they were hampered with such small image sensors. Now a year later and the market has changed. I should also mention I am into flying drones and use a Phantom 3 Advanced. Thus far I have not really bought into 4K as I do not have a 4K TV I would take a 1080P OLED over a 4K LCD anyday of the week. I should point out that I work for LG here in Korea and know that unless it is a massive screen size or you sit really close that 4K really does not offer much except that it can help eliminate aliasing. So what I am toying with in my mind is this… The A7S II is full frame (I really like FF) and focuses on video, 4K is an added future proofing bonus. I know there are drones like the S1000 that can hold the A7S II and pull out some amazing results. Things like the Phantom 3 do offer 4K models but with such a small sensor I think the mid range "2.7K" Advanced model is better bang for the buck. The Inspire 1 goes to micro 4/3 sensor but compared to a FF that is tiny. Granted the Inspire 4/3 unit can be mounted to osmo but then you are dealing with a smaller sensor and making the A7 II (S) just another thing to carry around. I know this comment is a bit long but I am really curious because it seems since the R II and S II came out there is not one review that compares the A7 II to the rest of the line up. I get it price wise its about half the cost, but from what I am seeing the A7 II seems like sort of a happy medium, am I wrong thinking this? I mean no 4K is a blow but to say the A7 II is horrid in low light and has so so image quality for stills is a bit of a reach. The R is killer no question but as most of my stuff is just for memories and personal use I do not see he point in having such a high pixel count. When I got the A7 II I was on the fence post between it as the RX10. I paid the premium to get lenses I wanted (28mm F2 + 24-240mm F3.5-6.3 + Fisheye adapter) and have the DOF offered by the full frame over the 1" in the RX10. So should I sell off the A7II and get the A7S II? Is the FF system really overkill and should I look about going into a totally new system like the 4/3 Inspire/Osmo setup? Or should I just stick with what I have? Again I dont spend a lot of time in post. Some minor Photoshop/CaptureOne edits for RAW files and Windows Movie Maker for videos. I have no interest in S Log I know it can produce better results but the time needed to learn and use it correctly and the software expenses on top of that… I will say pass. Thanks to anyone who responds :)

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