Sony A7R II Hands On Review – View in 4k

Sony A7R II Hands On Review – View in 4k

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  1. Photographic Elements

    my favorite feature on the 5D is the joystick for fast focus point selection for photography, event photography and those moments where i only have a few seconds to get it right. how fast is focus point selection on the a7r mark2?
    great video, i like how you explain details from actually using the camera in professional work situations, not just a review from someone who returns the camera afterwards & never uses it in a professional way.

  2. Joseph Casey Photography

    thanks for the great review. i trust the adapter for canon glass was reliable allowing you to control iris (you'd said the AF was too flaky for video but i am used to 5d3 MF only anyway but looking at 4k options without switching away from EF glass). also would that adapter allow use of the recent EF versions of sigma art 35 and 50 do you think? also, any high frame rate 120fps+ options here? thanks again. joe

  3. I'd love to know if it will work with a Sony E 3.5-6.3/18-200 lens.

  4. Nice…. Coool review….. I loved the footage….. that insect shot was amazing and the water was spectacular…..

  5. nice review. please advice for a lenses to buy on this camera, that I can use for most of the stuff ( not interested in telephoto).

    thanks a lot.

  6. nice review. please advice for a lenses to buy on this camera, that I can use for most of the stuff ( not interested in telephoto).

    thanks a lot.

  7. autofocus is for nubz :P, amazing camera!!! i want!!!!!

  8. Nice presentation . what tripod head you are using?

  9. sony a7s o sony a7r2 per i video? quale è migliore?

  10. I don't think that this footage looks particularly fantastic, or, as you keep repeating… "Amazing" – where's the focus here? at 07:48 ? it the people are soft, the lamps are soft, the clouds are worse… is the focus on the grass in the foreground? really?… in the preceding shots at 07:20 highlights were blown out… is this what I can expect to capture? :(

  11. The video looked great on my 4K monitor. Thanks. GJ

  12. im torn on a7s and a7r2… i need to figure this out before i drop some money.

  13. Thanks for the great review! What lens did you shoot the video with?

  14. Ah anytime update on A7Rii vs. 5D Mark iii comparison video? In market for new camera and am so stuck in decided to make the switch!

  15. Because of its size, this is a mountain photography camera. I don't care about the other venues. For me it is the right size and weight and has great small native lenses. When backpacking, the camera and lenses better not weigh more than my bear canister!

  16. I'd like everyone's opinion on this. I'm in the market for a new camera. I'm looking for a camera that shoots in 4K and is great for video but also one that's fantastic with stills. I want the best of both worlds. Should I buy (a) A Panasonic GH4, a Sony A7S and a Canon 5D Mark III or (b) A Sony A7R and something else or (c) whatever else?

  17. Thx for the great video, but I really think you should balance the volume of your voice and the music that is coming out occasionally.

  18. Jeremiah Santiago

    i hopi have the money to buy this

  19. whats the brand for the batterygrip and where did you buy it ?

  20. Very good video. Wish i could get one but i dont have to money to spend on a camera right now

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