SONY a77 a65 a99 alpha TRANSLUCENT mirror replacement repair A-mount A1855640A SLT camera

SONY a77 a65 a99 alpha TRANSLUCENT mirror replacement repair A-mount A1855640A SLT camera

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  1. Alpha Photo HD !!!

    Awsome !!!

  2. Carlos Toche Henderson

    would this work on a a77ii?

  3. Thank you. Your video helped me solve my problem. The mirror is around $ 130.00 nowadays.

  4. Так просто? спасибо :)

  5. At what point do you deal with the LA-EA4 in this video?? Yeah that's what I thought… CBBS.

  6. Ich habe eben den Spiegel meiner Alpha 77ii gewechselt, mit dem Video als Anleitung kein Problem!!
    Danke für das Video!!

  7. The video is self explanatory.. it took me less that a minute to replace it. Just be careful and take your time. I just switched my mirror on my a77ii and haven't had any issues. I purchased my part for around $35 online.

  8. Thanks, this video gave me the confidence I needed to replace the mirror on my A77, done deal, smooth as silk. Watched the video twice and had it done in a few minutes. Very well video-documented, and I got my mirror for about $72 delivered. Saved me a ton of money to ship/repair elsewhere… AWESOMESAUCE!

  9. Thanks! I want to buy a mirror  for SLT-A37 camera, is this the same A77? how to buy

  10. Is this the same mirror as in A77II?

  11. Thank you for this video!  I accidentally screwed up my mirror a couple of days ago, and I have a big job to shoot this weekend.  Thanks to your video, and a speedy delivery from FedEx, I was able to get my new mirror installed this afternoon and I'm ready for my job tomorrow.  

  12. Nice job.

  13. I have the same problem with mine.

  14. This video is useful, but slightly misleading or unclear, since in taking my mirror out to clean it, I managed to damage the mirror with the screwdriver, leaving two small marks at the bottom of the mirror – this happened because I tried to lever out the mirror with the screwdriver, as it appears is done in this video, but the polymer film that is the mirror is not suspended in a frame, but glued to the underside of it, hence the damage. All that needs to be done to release the mirror is to push the frame in the direction of the sensor and then lifted – this can be done by only touching the side part of the frame and thus not touching the mirror/film itself. Fortunately, it seems these marks don't seem to appear in my photos!


  16. Steve Pond Photography

    Take a look at this blog, it has links to were you can buy the Alpha 99 translucent mirror

  17. Awesome video!. I just replaced the mirror on my A58. Same part#. Piece of cake thanks to this video.

  18. Thank you very much :)

  19. Sony Translucent mirror part nº: A1855640A. Thank you for this video and the comments. It help me a lot to fix my a37. The replacement part cost me 33.42, not 275.0 at sony Panamá. The link to buy the part from sony is:

  20. I broke mine, a37. I though it was actually Glass, not an extremelly thin plastic. Is too fragile, you can't touch it, too delicate. The sony center told me the cost for only check the camera was 75.00, and the replacement mirror 200.00 because they have to change the whole mechanism. Then I saw this video and I buy the replacement from the sony site for 33.00. Take that sony Panamá! 

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