Sony A390 DSLR Quick Look

Sony A390 DSLR Quick Look

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  1. does this have movie recording mode ?

  2. Can you see through the lcd or is it just the menu? 

  3. I can't turn on the long exp NR or the High ISO NR, I don't know why.. 

  4. It lasts an incredibly long time. Its durability is great. And its made in Japan. Sony makes all of there camera products in Japan.

  5. You cannot take video with the A390. That is one kinda of down side about it. It works great for photos though.

  6. Just got me one of these!

  7. My parents quickly ran into my room because they thought the music at the beginning was porno music. :/

  8. As entry level camera, I think it worth it, since it cost now around $250 only… No video, that's not good, but I prefer in taking pictures than recording video, for that you need Video not Photo camera 🙂

  9. He just said NO… Did you watch review?

  10. trying to switch over to another make dont like my 290 at all was not my choice

  11. Well, i'm working to buy a a390 and i want to know if it's possible to take videos with it? There are a time limit of recording?

  12. Anyone else think the a looks like 'CX'?

  13. and where is the a390 made from?

  14. does the a390 last very long? (as in years)

  15. @KeavaBeeva no, you cant take videos using your sony a290.. 🙂

  16. hey i have the 290 and i was just wondering is it possible to take videos on this camera? thanks 🙂

  17. The camera is photo only, unless you find a different firmware

  18. I am having a problem with my steadyshot. When I go to the menu the option is grayed out and it says it's off…….any idea why?

  19. @SkateWolves yes

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