Sony A3000 Review

Sony A3000 Review

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  1. исще раз и па руский

  2. I have to say I bought this camera and I love it and it takes very good pictures also

  3. clarence beckham

    thats why there is software…i have minolta lenses and i hear they fit on this camera..

  4. Where's the "you wasted my time with your personal BS opinions instead of reviewing the product" button? pos

  5. abdelrhman adel

    Does it has a dynamic exposer

  6. It does NOT record 60fps in 1080. 60i is NOT the same as 60p.

  7. great review. this is selling for 269 today on amazon prime day.

  8. Thanks for this video.

  9. Fisher price called and they want their door back HA! Too funny good review brotha haha

  10. What I want to know is how good is it? How is the footage? Scale 1-10, 10 being best 

  11. ℬ????????????????????_ℱ????????????????_ℒ???????????????? !

    How do you pause while recording a video?

  12. very informative video but never put your opinion on a product review video. This video spoiled my sale.

  13. I just bought that camera yasterday but I'm trying to get it to charge but it seems it doesn't charge I have it connected to the wall charger but it doesn't indicate that is charging and when I turn it on it shows that "Battery Exhausted " does this supposed to be happening ? 

  14. As a Sony shooter who uses a A7, A7 Mk II, and a A6000, considering KEH has one for $133.00, I look at this as the perfect "beater" camera to take somewhere like the beach or anywhere that you'd feel your good cameras may be put in harms way.

  15. Hey Jeremy I recently became very interested in photography and signed up for a couple of film and photography classes in my highschool , in your opinion do you think this is a good starter camera for someone like who doesn't know too much on the art of photography ? 

  16. Is this camera good for recording good quality vids? 

  17. A great camera for use with the older legacy lens's

  18. Md Samir Hossain

    Please make your script first and don't waste time…

  19. Doesn't the bad or spec LCD defeat the purpose of being "mirrorless"? I get that it's "budget" but in that case they should have stuck with the mirror!

  20. Hi Jeremy! As your video jumps in the first lines of the search results I felt obligated to share some thoughts. I bought this camera and after some time using it I just can not agree with your review. Why? Ok, all of the time you spent stressing how inexpensive it is, how cheap it looks like, how big it is and how many people would think it is DSLR. Ok, but I think you should have stressed more on the excellent pictures it is capable of taking for the "price tag" it has? Yep, there is no WiFi, GPS, most noticeable mic input but… overall one camera has to take good photos, right? It is the main purpose. And this one has everything needed for that – settings, modes, lenses, sensor… Something we should appreciate. Have you mentioned more facts and technical details to support your opinion and recommendation not to buy it? Actual shots or video material? I don't think so.. so may be you are "pro" but your review seems like onesided and incomplete.

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