Shutter sounds – Canon 5Ds. Nikon D810, Pentax 645z, Sony a6000 and Olympus OMD Em5 II

Shutter sounds – Canon 5Ds. Nikon D810, Pentax 645z, Sony a6000 and Olympus OMD Em5 II



  1. Chosei Funahara

    Pentax 645Z is the best!

  2. in the end ..that gun machine though <3

  3. Robert Klarquist

    What's the point?

  4. I've been a Photographer for many, many years, and I've shot with many different cameras and camera types. I never in my entire life gave a horse-fat sh*t for the sound of the shutter. Why would you?

  5. Anirban Banerjee

    Pentax sounds like Russian sub-machine gun.

  6. What is so special about the Olympus? Any camera can do that in liveview.

  7. A6000 ?

  8. AZ-Zakwanul Faiz bin Zakaria

    what does it look without the lens on? the Olympus is really interesting. i forgot to take off the lens when i was testing the a7sii silent shutter.

  9. Unrelated to this video, but have you ever tried pairing higher quality lav mics with sony's bluetooth wireless mic receiver/transmitters that you're using in this video? I find the transmitter/receiver's built-in microphones to be a bit muddy and unlively.

  10. Yeah, the sony a6000 is significantly louder than my previous Pentax bodies that I already thought were loud. haha… Thanks sony.

  11. not a real fan of sony's cameras, but I'd have to go with the Sony sounding the best imo.

  12. a6000 sounds like a machine gun.

  13. The Sony is so loud sometimes when shooting indoors at certain events

  14. still like the machine gun @6000

  15. i am going for the olympus

  16. Carlos W. H. Sun

    Sony is the best!

  17. jeffry de meyer

    I'm missing the nx1 in that lineup

  18. pentax review NOW!!!!! :)

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