Set Your Photographs Apart with These Incredible Pro-Lighting Techniques

Set Your Photographs Apart with These Incredible Pro-Lighting Techniques

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  1. Total command of the medium, plus courage and invention = "Star to follow" (Was going to subscribe but but but 🙂 I'm already subcribed ?)  🙂 To make it easy for others to follow – Shame he doesn't do courses in Australia  :(

  2. Wooooow

  3. Great video… Would like more info tho .. 🙂

  4. quinnproductionsllc

    Really nice work. And the first time I've heard a photographer use the word scrim since photography school… sometimes I feel like a highly trained assassin at a paint ball fight with all the hacks around my area.

  5. Edward Fernand Palencia


  6. sir i just love your shots i am just a big fan of yours

  7. hahahahahah

  8. Great video, great energy!

  9. j.m.s membrillo sánchez

    gran trabajo….

  10. you need to use a fast shutter speed, and then control the flash exposure with the aperture…
    Shutter speed- controls ambient light exposure
    aperture controls- flash exposure.

  11. At 1.56 how did you keep the background dark? how do you underexpose the background?
    I'm using a 600d and a mobile lighting kit.
    thankyou for your help and for your great videos.

  12. amazing work!! ive become a fan

  13. thats like asking a king to give his empire..!!

  14. oneguydirectioner

    can i have all your freaking equipments?

  15. it was cool to tip

  16. A……mazing ! Still I'd like to know how much is done in Photoshop after this fantastic lighting techniques 😉

  17. Karl can I please be your apprentice. I'll bring all my own gear!

  18. It's bloke is the bees knees!

  19. Seriously amazing!

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