1. how is the sound quality of this camera? 
    and how about manual file transferring by using usb(data cable) ? where can i get the usb cable?thanks before (:

  2. I agree that DSLR are great in picture quality / details and color but the weight , size and connectivity is not advisable for traveler like me, I own a Nikon D5100 but now going to mirrorless so that I can carry it easily, has a wireless connection to my phone or laptop and ofcourse taking pictures with the same quality as DSLR. good job samsung.

  3. If you are considering for buying nx300 then dont
    Worst autofocus!
    No viewfinder (hard to set correct exposure in daylight and no auto focus selection)
    Small feels small and not enough button
    The colors of it is worst
    Iso prrformance worst
    8.5fps but no good buffer
    No good selection for lens

  4. this is just acting guys
    so we can buy them stupid Samsung

    I love Samsung, these people are real not actor
    I love my Samsung camera

  5. Hi People. Im a 16 year old who unfortuneatly dosen't have the money to buy a camera, but I have amazing photography skills. Please help me raise money so I can kickstart my career. The slightest donation will help, Thanks.  Donate Here: gofundme.com/kymhlk

  6. Kennedy Aureliano

    Mirrorless market will become standard: the evolution of the preview, detection / AF technologies, efficient LCD, battery, sensor cooling…  make the optical viewfinder is unnecessary in most cases.
    Consequently, manufacturers are investing in mirrorless. So, I think some peoples will continue to use the DSLR due to small details or personal taste!!!

  7. Andrew Iskorostensky

    Перегляньте це відео на YouTube:

  8. smart   move samsung

  9. I'm selling mine.. accessories are impossible to get in my area

  10. DSLR's just for dumbs right now. Real man using something efficient. I do own NX300M with flip screen. It makes your day..

  11. I hv been waiting for this kind of camera which is light and have same quality as DSLR huge camera..its kinda big to bring around huge bag just for the camera…

  12. i want this !!!

  13. งง?

  14. yes, i believe an arri alexa is bigger and better

  15. when is gonna be out?

  16. i must get that !

  17. Why dslr?
    1 sharper pictures
    2 more settings and modes
    3 better quality
    4 interchangeable lenses
    5 better zoom
    6 wide angle up to 12 mm
    7 manual and motorised lenses
    8 more durable
    9 actual camera makes like cannon or Fuji not Samsung which make virtually everything.
    10 must I carry on

  18. Angel Eyes Productions*

    I have this camera! It's amazing!! The best purchase I've ever made :))

  19. I C GoPro  


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