1. remind me of rami malek

  2. s7 camera is mind blowing for a phone. but nothing beats a full fledged dslr

  3. Ben Ramirez (Kamvid Video)

    Done on the Galaxy S7:


  4. what camera do you use to film your videos?

  5. Perfect Galaxy S7

  6. One of the best reviews I've ever seen! Man, you put a lot of work to produce this! Big like, subbed.

  7. Whenever I take photos in bright areas with the S7 like the one in the car dealership I tend to bring down the exposure because this phone really does overexpose things too often.

  8. Wow! With proper lighting, I don't see the reason to use a mirrorless with a normal wide angle (FoV 62° to 84° 24mm-35mm full frame equivalent) lens for video over a S7.

  9. I think it would be better to hide the mark of brand at the beginning of the video to have a blind test.

  10. super!

  11. Fair Comparison 👏👍👍👍

  12. Hey Phillip, great video! It really showed the camera quality of the S7 in low light situations perfectly. Are there any differences between the S7 and the S7 Edge camera wise? I was also wondering how the S7 Edge camera would compare to the Xperia Z5 camera. It has more pixels, but in low light situations the Z5 pictures turn out bluish and not that great. And how would the Z5 compare to the S7 Edge in good lighting? By the way, your English accent is spot on

  13. TheGamingAddiction

    I want to see DSLR vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 with Beastgrip Pro and DSLR or SLR lenses.

  14. S7>A7

  15. Er ist einfach mal in Bielefeld😁 Ich dachte er wäre in England erst

  16. Im a dog Garcia

    Du sprichst super englisch und deutsch, Respekt an deine Eltern. Bin neidisch :)

  17. S7 win

  18. with a little focal blur, I think you can fool quite a few people with the s7.

  19. was the comparison vs the G7x with the front or back camera? thanks!

  20. JHEntertainment

    I feel like the s7 actually did a little better than the g7x obviously not as good as the dslm tho

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