Samsung NX1 Hands-On Field Test

Samsung NX1 Hands-On Field Test


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  1. "More Jordan, less Chris" lol

  2. Is the boot-up (Start up) time on this camera fast? from switching on to being able to focus and shoot?

  3. Worst camera I ever had !!
    Froze to death on me and not coming back to life !!
    Ruined a whole trip for me !!!!
    Shame on you Samsung !
    Nothing wrong with SD fastest on market and brand new camera and software 1.4 which was just released and 16-50mm "S" lens !!

  4. I'm really excited about Samsung's next round of incarnations, it seems like they are almost there. Any guesses what the releases will be in 2016?

  5. How is this camera with shooting stars?

  6. Would you guys recommend this for wedding and studio fashion photography? Anyone?

  7. screw stills, my iphone can do that fine, companies need to emphasize the video features more in these hybrid cameras more.

  8. regarding high iso performance,what would be your pick? nikon D7200 or the NX1?

  9. I've heard that mirror-less cameras are quieter than regular DSLR's…. is this camera quiet? I photograph lots of corporate events, private meetings, and BTS of films….. so I need something as silent as possible. 

    I looked at getting sound blimps, but if buying another camera solves the issue, I'd rather do that. Blimps would probably look ridiculous during corporate meetings. XD Especially with my tiny hands trying to hold up such a monstrosity.

  10. Are you guys using the Nx1 now to shoot videos or take some stills for your personal usage?

  11. Jordan @ TCSTV…. will all the updates would you now view the Nx1 as a go too camera?  Or is the codec still a big enough issue for you to still use the gh4?  Also with gh4 and Vlog would you even consider a NX1?  just wondering

  12. How does it stand against the new Nikon D7200?.

  13. These guys did a great, clear, and thorough review of the Samsung NX1.

  14. Debating with myself should I buy nx1 or the k-3 II.

  15. АрмоВижен (ArmoVision)

    Guys what Converter are you using on your MacBook to the video files from the NX1 to convert to native MOV format.

  16. Thanks! i was thinking what came you use in this vdeo, Shot and Edited by Jordan Drake
    Filmed on the Panasonic GH4

  17. Holy shit! The Samsung NX1 + 16-50mm is about 3800 CAD in Denmark! I'm thinking no thanks!

  18. The NX1 looks really chunky — size and weight — almost like a full dSLR. I already shoot with a Canon 5D mark III, but want to have something close to pro-level but much smaller body to travel with.  Wonder if the NX1 (+lens) is too big to meet my needs.

  19. Sabino Leerentveld

    NX500 review anytime soon?…

  20. Awesome reviews guys! Thanks once again.

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