Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1+DSLR Controller TEST

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1+DSLR Controller TEST



  1.  have a Galaxy Tab 3 , Galaxy tab 2 and a Canon 5D mk III. I have the software installed and then I bought a mini to micro usb cable, but get a message stating that there is no Camera connected via USB or Wireless. Can you recoment a cable or cable combination that you used that worked? Thank you

  2. Whe doesn't work on my galaxy tab 2 10.1 whit usb host.. whit WIFI REALY function..

  3. He doesn't work on my galaxy tab 2 10.1 android 4.1.2 🙁

  4. DSLR Controller works for video or photo. It basically controls your cam externally unlike Magic Lantern which installs on firmware.

    Note: DSLR Controller has less controls than ML so far but is less complex to install.

    @ SchanyMJ – No problem for both. I've tested and it's running well.

    @ Adrian Garcia – connections? Do you mean the cables? It depends on your tablet. For the Tab 10.1 you can purchase the Samsung 30pin connection plug (30pin to usb) and from there to your t3i via usb.

  5. Where can I get these connections I have a t3i

  6. does it work with the galaxy note 10.1 and canon eos 1000d??

  7. Work with video??

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