Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Canon 60D: Camera Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Canon 60D: Camera Comparison



  1. where is the low light conditions … ??

  2. Sorry your camera work is really amateur The dslr is always doing to out rank a phone camera. Depending on what you need sometimes its better to buy a new lense then a new phone. If you know how to take pictures you can get some interesting photos from a camera phone. Like a DSLR a phones camera just needs some knowledge and practice.

  3. Just wanted to say, that I have the S6, and I took the risk and left my DSLR home during my trip to Cuba. Best choice ever made. Yes, my DSLR is awesome for the zooming. However, the for everything else, Samsung has done an awesome job. I just placed my order for the Note7, should receive it next week Friday!!!!!!

  4. Splintered Company

    this is a very interesting video! would love to see the difference with the video qualities side of this!

  5. Aun Muzzammil Urs

    im so proud of samsung

  6. Fuck, what a stupid comparasion, where the fuck is depth of field on 69D and unfocused backgrounds, this is a joke right?

  7. Soltero Le Savage

    the s7 produced the more attractive photos 90%of the time


    dude,no offence but most of ur photos shot by the canon eos 60D are either under exposed or they are out of focus due to a small aperture or some other mistake…..

  9. Good video man, you are pretty sick at photography but you forgot to clickbait the title bruh. And wheres your self taken sketchy babe in bikini thumbnail?

  10. krishnan pradeep

    contrast and saturation is low on 60D make it up and you will get amazing results

  11. I'm some photos I liked the s7 photos more than the dslr

  12. I freaking flipped out when I saw that my S6 has a pro mode on the camera. So Amazing that you can do really cool stuff.

  13. The canon is better in focus

  14. only good thing about DSLR is the background is still blur even if the object is far…

  15. I felt like some of the 60D shots were overexposed, which did affect the comparison of the images.

  16. Karim יוֹרָםYoram

    Very Nice Präsentation of those two Devices , may Jesus bless you and touch your Heart

  17. You must shoot raw and try to pull back details from highlight and shadow to compare dynamic range. (galaxy s7 can shoot raw)

  18. You forgot about night shoots

  19. That opening shot was shot by S7? Dayum nice.

  20. A11 things nuss

    that tiny thing beats a dslr

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