Samsung Galaxy S3 HD camera vs Canon DSLR – Visual & Audio 1080p

Samsung Galaxy S3 HD camera vs Canon DSLR – Visual & Audio 1080p



  1. I think highlights on the galaxy s3 were a bit better but shadows , overall dynamic range and quality were obviously better on 600d with natural colors and lot of details..

  2. I couldn't tell which is which here 0:30 and I have both a 650D and a Galaxy S4

  3. NatureClip: Free Stock Footage

    Thanks for watching

  4. Stephanie Castillo

    i could tell from the very start

  5. Omg i thought samsung is in the left wow that surprised me

  6. Besides colors, I can see worse dynamic range on S3,
    but still i like the vivid colors of S3 more than natural images of cannon.
    Of course general quality is for the cannon, but if you are not a pixel peeper phone camera is completly enough. DSLR makes sense only if you are photo enthusiast.

  7. i know, canon pictures are better cause it's will be 18Megapixel vs 8 megapixel :), and the zoom , its dslr too, cause its had a bigger lens than s3 , but the video, S3 are better than DSLR

  8. NatureClip: Free Stock Footage

    Thanks for watching and commenting. I agree, I prefer filming with my DSLR – get some fantastic results even pre-editing. S3 is very useful when a camera is otherwise too cumbersome.

  9. better? you will see the difference when you take photos and compare the images at 100% zoom. also try taking pics in low light or indoor and look at the dark areas in the image at 100% zoom..

  10. cool. GS3 boosts the colors too much which i dont like. i like to take pics in neutral and add a bit of vibrance in post processing

  11. EASY! Canon was on the left as the colours are more washed out unlike the Sammy GS3 or Nikon DSLr which seem to have better colour recognition….

  12. NatureClip: Free Stock Footage

    Thanks, Matej – I've made a comparison/review for Lapse it which you might like

  13. NatureClip: Free Stock Footage

    Good suggestion! Check out my other comparisons too

  14. do another test where you actually track some moving objects, and the difference in rolling shutter will become incredibly obvious

  15. 0:10 the higher aperture of the DSLR makes the background, the unfocused part of the image be more blurry than the same part recorded with Samsung`s smaller aperture camera. I could tell which is which! nice video! Too bad Samsung has bad audio quality…


  17. wow, that was amazing, I cant figure our( I though the canon is on the right since the first clip show wide area, other clip show the black is more black, the red is more bright, which one is the accurate colour?

  18. hahah same u man,i think DSLR on the right, and s3 looks better.

  19. NatureClip: Free Stock Footage

    The Canon 600D is highly recommended if, like me, you film more than take shots. The 60D is excellent but I couldn't justify the price difference. I put the money towards upgrading the lens

  20. thanks for uploading. I figured the Canon was the left one straightaway but i mean for a phone the Samsung S3 camera isnt bad (its the one Ive got) but im toying with the idea of getting a Canon 600d, for filming its fantastic!

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